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The Best (and Worst) Jobs of 2011

software engineer 250x166

What are the top job positions in the nation today? It depends on the criteria you use, and has taken a stab at it with its announcement of the top 200 jobs in the country, based on the following factors:

1. Environment - This includes general work conditions (Is the work space congested? Is a lot of physical exertion required?) as well as emotional demands (Is the office highly competitive? Do you face hazards on a daily basis?)

- Computed as a combination of income growth potential and estimated mid-level income.

3. Outlook - This combines expected employment growth through 2018 based on projections by the U.S. Department of Labor, income growth potential, and unemployment rates for the specific positions.

4. Physical demands - Includes measurements of how much weight one must lift regularly on the job, as well as whether the work is primarily indoors or outdoors, and whether it involves stooping, kneeling, climbing or balancing.

5. Stress - Includes stress that comes from general job conditions (i.e., in a hazardous environment) as well as mental stress (competitiveness, frequent deadlines).

Based on the above criteria, here's the list of the best (and worst) jobs for 2011, along with average income.

Best Jobs for 2011:

1. Software Engineer
Income: $87,140.00

2. Mathematician
Income: $94,178.00

3. Actuary

Income: $87,204.00

4. Statistician
Income: $73,208.00

5. Computer Systems Analyst
Income: $77,153.00

6. Meterorologist
Income: $85,210.00

7. Biologist
Income: $74,278.00

8. Historian
Income: $63,208.00

9. Audiologist
Income: $63,144.00

10. Dental Hygienist
Income: $67,107.00

Worst Jobs for 2011:

1. Roustabout
Income: $32,143.00

2. Ironworker
Income: $34,127.00

3. Lumberjack
Income: $32,109.00

4. Roofer
Income: $34,168.00

5. Taxi Driver
Income: $21,127.00

6. Emergency Medical Technician
Income: $30,168.00

7. Welder
Income: $35,126.00

8. Painter
Income: $34,152.00

9. Meter Reader
Income: $34,171.00

10. Construction Worker
Income: $29,211.00

What do you think of these selections? Do you agree or disagree with these choices? Sound off in the Veteran Careers Discussion forum.

2. Income

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