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5 Well-Paying Jobs for Introverts

Working at the Computer

Earning big bucks doesn't always require bravado. Many professionals believe that success in the workplace requires hustling and grandstanding, but this is not always the case. There are plenty of professions that rely on technical skills over socializing that pay well. Yahoo! took a hard look at job data and came up with a list of 5 well-paying jobs for introverts. Every career inherently requires soft business skills such as networking and communication, but there are plenty that shy away from the limelight.

1. Writer – Becoming a writer  requires a strong love and appreciation for the written word, but it does require bit more work. Often, writing jobs require a college degree in English Literature, Journalism, or similar subjects. Being a writer usually does not require much interpersonal interaction, but strong communication skills always help. Writing professionally often requires individuals to work as freelances, and as such they must develop an extensive network of contacts and build their own brand.
Average Salary: $57,750

2. Systems Software Developer – Developing back-end programs and other types of software typically do not require a great deal of extroversion. Typically, developers work only on building and testing programs, not selling them or talking about them. Unless you have exceptionally strong self-taught skills, this profession generally requires at least a four year degree.
Average Salary: $101,410

3. Human Resources Manager – Working in human resources requires understanding and interpersonal skills, but not a take-charge attitude. Serving as the link between the company at large and its employees is a critical position, but being a successful HR Manger requires empathy and professionalism over aggressiveness.
Average Salary: $100,800

4. Computer Network Support Specialist – Maintaining a computer network is a very technical job, but doesn't require too much face to face interaction. If you enjoy helping out tech-oriented individuals and working with computers, this is a great place to start. Many of these positions require a four year degree, but some will accept an Associate's degree with the necessary accompanying expertise.
Average Salary: $60,180

5. Market Research Analyst – Market research analysts are professionals who analyze and report on the changing tastes of a target audience. This type of research doesn't require them to hit the streets and ask random people their opinions – most of their work can be done behind a computer. The majority of these positions require four-year degrees in subjects like math, business administration, and statistics.
Average Salary: $60,800

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