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LA Porn Permits Fall But Films Keep Being Produced

adult film set

LOS ANGELES (AP) — It has been known as the nation's porn capital for years, but if recent film-permit records are to be believed, fewer than three adult movies a month are being made in Los Angeles County this year. So where are those hundreds of films available for instant download on the Internet coming from? Many are still coming from right here, say industry officials, acknowledging that when Los Angeles County voters cracked down on filmmakers in November 2012 with an ordinance requiring that actors use condoms, quite a few filmmakers went underground. "A lot are simply sh... more

Martin Scorsese Explains Why Film is Important

martin scorsese

Oscar-winning auteur Martin Scorsese is praising Kodak's decision to continue its production of film stock. The chair of The Film Foundation issued a statement Monday in support of Kodak's announcement. "We have many names for what we do -- cinema, movies, motion pictures. And... film. We're called directors, but more often we're called filmmakers. Filmmakers. I'm not suggesting that we ignore the obvious: HD isn't coming, it's here," Scorsese's statement reads. "The advantages are numerous: the cameras are lighter, it's much easier to shoot at night, we have man... more

Daniel Radcliffe Hopes to Be Taken Seriously

daniel radcliffe toronto 2013

Everyone is ignoring Daniel Radcliffe . He's just stepped out of a black SUV and walked into a North Hollywood pie shop, a bodyguard, assistant, three publicists and groomer trailing behind. No one at the Republic of Pie is losing it -- the screenwriters keep pecking at their keyboards, the waitresses keep slinging slices of apple and blueberry. But Radcliffe never knows how the world is going to react to him, so he's always prepared. It could be that this is L.A., and you're not supposed to act like celebrity means anything here (even though it means everything). Perhaps "Harry ... more

Stars Willing to Risk Opinions on Gaza Clash

Israeli strike in Gaza City

When director Jonathan Demme was approached to show support for all victims of the conflict in Gaza, he didn't hesitate to sign on. Actor Wallace Shawn is willing to put up with jeers on the street for his opinions about the violence. And Mark Ruffalo is determined to air his views about the fighting on Twitter, no matter the cost to his social media numbers. The Israel-Palestinian debate was once considered so delicate a topic, it was pretty much off-limits to celebrities. But in another sign that social media is intensifying how we wrestle with sensitive global issues, stars of all strip... more

Movie Review: ‘Magic in the Moonlight’

magic in the moonlight

Woody Allen's late period has been defined by a quality you wouldn't have expected from the man who produced the inspired chaos of "Bananas" or the Fellini-esque carnival of "Stardust Memories": tidiness. For years now, Allen's films have been light farces ("Midnight in Paris," ''Vicky Cristina Barcelona") or neatly structured parables ("Match Point," ''Blue Jasmine"). They breeze in innocuously in the summer, promising pleasant entertainment and not much more. "Like drinking lemonade" is how Allen has described his escapist aims for his movies. His "Magic in the Moonlight," a romantic ... more

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