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Feds: Russian Mob Ran Celebrity Poker Games in NY

russian mob poker

NEW YORK - Nearly three dozen people were charged on Tuesday in what investigators said was a Russian organized crime operation that included illegal, high-stakes poker games for the rich and famous and threats of violence to make sure customers paid their debts. Federal authorities in New York City weren't naming names but said the poker players included pro athletes, Hollywood celebrities and Wall Street executives. None of them were charged. The money-laundering investigation led to arrests Tuesday in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and elsewhere around the United States. There also were FBI raids at a $6 million apartment in Trump Tower... more

Nitkowski: '42' Role Brings Home Robinson's Path

cj nitkowski 42

EDITOR'S NOTE: C.J. Nitkowski pitched for eight teams in the major leagues from 1995-2005, then played pro ball in Japan and South Korea. He portrays Phillies pitcher Dutch Leonard in the current film `42.' --- Jackie Robinson had no influence on me. He didn't open any doors for me. He didn't pave any way. He didn't give me the hope that I could do anything I aspired to in a country where some viewed me as less of a man. He didn't give me the courage to forge ahead despite the circumstances surrounding me. Jackie Robinson was just never a hero to me. Jackie broke the color barrier in major league baseball on April 15, 1947, and he die... more

Wahlberg Disgusted Over Boston Marathon Tragedy

mark wahlberg pain gain

NEW YORK - Mark Wahlberg was in a somber mood at the New York premiere of his new film, "Pain and Gain"- still grappling with the tragedy that struck his hometown of Boston. Earlier Monday two bombs went off near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Three people were killed and at least 140 were injured. "I really didn't even want to come tonight. I hadn't really heard much - I spoke to my mom, and most of my family seems to be OK. It's such a big event, there's so many people there. It's horrible man. It's (expletive) disgusting, man. I just - I'm very upset," Wahlberg said Monday night. "You try to put everything in God's hands and... more

Boston Marathon Tragedy Looms Over CinemaCon

star trek cinemacon

LAS VEGAS - Just hours after two bomb blasts provided a deadly conclusion to the Boston Marathon, principals from "Star Trek Into Darkness" were doing their jobs: putting on happy faces and plugging their big-budget film on the opening night of the annual movie-theater convention, CinemaCon. "We were all on the way out here just talking (about how) it is hard to go and pimp your movie on a day like this, when the nation is sort of coming together," said one of the movie's writer-producers, Damon Lindelof. "My cousin ran the Boston Marathon today. He finished half an hour before the explosions went off," he said. "So, I'm just relieved th... more

Jonathan Winters, Man of Many Faces, Dead at 87

jonathan winters

LOS ANGELES - Jonathan Winters was a crowd all by himself, guaranteeing that his multitude of characters, breakneck improvisations and kinetic clownishness kept generations of fans laughing. Winters, who died Thursday at age 87 at his Montecito, Calif., home, was a pioneer of improvisational standup comedy, with an exceptional gift for mimicry, a grab bag of eccentric personalities and a bottomless reservoir of creative energy. Facial contortions, sound effects, tall tales - all could be summoned in a matter of seconds to get a laugh. On Jack Paar's television show in 1964, Winters was handed a foot-long stick and he swiftly became a fis... more

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