• 'Fury': 2014's Other Great Military Movie

    Watch nine minutes of the WWII tank film starring Brad Pitt, out now on home video with a load of outstanding bonus features.
    fury brad pitt tank
  • Nicolas Cage to Hunt Osama Bin Laden in 'Army of One'

    The actor will play Gary Faulkner, a real-life Colorado man who attempted to hunt down Osama Bin Laden in 2010 with just a sword, dagger and pistol.
    nic cage left behind
  • Depp Indulges Inner Clown in Charmless 'Mortdecai'

    Any film credited with its own "mustache wrangler" really should have been much more fun than Johnny Depp's latest misfiring action-comedy.
    In this image released by Lionsgate, Gywneth Paltrow, left, and Johnny Depp appear in a scene from "Mortdecai." (AP Photo/Lionsgate, David Appleby)
  • Movie Producer Apologizes for Using News Footage of B-52 Crash

    Hollywood producer Michael Bay apologized Wednesday for including a two-second clip that appears to be the fiery plane crash of a B-52 bomber that ...
    Michael Bay
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Box Office Results: 1/23-1/25

  1. American Sniper - $64.4M
  2. The Boy Next Door - $15M
  3. Paddington - $12.4M
  4. The Wedding Ringer - $11.6M
  5. Taken 3 - $7.6M
  6. The Imitation Game - $7.1M
  7. Strange Magic - $5.5M
  8. Selma - $5.5M
  9. Mortdecai - $4.1M
  10. Into the Woods - $3.9M

News Archives for Apr 2013

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Thailand Bans Film About Thai-Cambodian Border Row

thai border documentary

BANGKOK - Thailand's film censors have banned a documentary about the country's long-running border dispute with neighboring Cambodia as a threat to national security, the filmmaker said Wednesday. "Boundary" tells the story of the Thai-Cambodian conflict through accounts of an ex-soldier who lives near the border, as well as villagers from the two countries. It also touches on other conflicts in Thailand, including the 9-year-old insurgency in the south and the political divisiveness that led to a deadly military crackdown on protesters in 2010. Director Nontawat Numbenchapol said the Culture Ministry's film screening office informed hi... more

Movie Review: The Big Wedding

big wedding movie

The diversions in the ensemble comedy "The Big Wedding" (that title flat enough for you?) are strictly actor-related, which is usually the case at the movies. For example, the way Diane Keaton selects an asparagus spear at a country club buffet while delivering some dutiful expositional something or other. Or the rumpled panache with which Robert De Niro, playing the Keaton character's ex-husband, adapts to a different sort of role than he's used to playing: that of the unreliable horndog trying to get by on charm. The movie's own brand of charm has its subset of smarm. Part bedroom farce, part heart-tugging familial dysfunction, "The Big... more

Tarantino: Waltz Just Comes Out of My Pen

christopher waltz quentin tarantino

Oscar-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino says after working with Christoph Waltz on 2009's "Inglourious Basterds," he found himself writing a role specifically for the Austrian actor in "Django Unchained." "I've been wanting to do this story for a long time and there was never a German dentist-bounty hunter in the story. The next thing I know, I sat down and wrote that opening scene, and he just flew right out of the pen, like it was the tenant of God, boom!" Tarantino told reporters in New York while promoting "Django" before its theatrical release late last year. Waltz earned matching Best Supporting Actor Oscars for his performances ... more

Movie Review: To the Wonder

to the wonder

In the spirit of a Terrence Malick screenplay, certain rhetorical questions to be spoken in hushed voice-over present themselves regarding Malick's latest, "To the Wonder." Can we ever see enough sunsets as filmed by Malick and his mighty cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki? Is serious spiritual yearning even worth attempting to capture in a series of moving images? And will Malick ever tire of the look of tall grass in the wind, bending this way and that, much as his characters conform themselves to the dictates and gentle yet unmistakable hand of the filmmaker himself? Shot in Bartlesville, Okla., and in France, "To the Wonder" finds Mal... more

At First Glance, Hangover III is More of the Same

hangover iii vegas strip

LAS VEGAS - No one ever accused the "Hangover" franchise of trying too hard. For the second installment in the franchise, the gang of debauched man-children moved from Las Vegas to Thailand. This time, it's back to Vegas for another round of dazed mystery-solving. The film has been highly anticipated in Sin City, where director Todd Phillips appeared Tuesday at the annual movie-theater convention CinemaCon to plug the film. Well, "plug" might be an overstatement. While other directors strutted on stage in suits and presented extended sneak previews of their films, Phillips slid on stage with his sweater sleeves rolled up and played the... more

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