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News Archives for 2013

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'BioShock' Maker Wants Motive in His 'Logan's Run'

logans run movie

LOS ANGELES - After transporting gamers to the submerged metropolis of Rapture and the floating city of Columbia in his critically acclaimed series "BioShock," Ken Levine is traveling to a very different destination: Hollywood. The 46-year-old creative director of Boston-based Irrational Games has been tapped by Warner Bros. to write a screenplay based on the sci-fi tale "Logan's Run." "As a writer, I owe a great debt to `Logan's Run,'" said Levine in an interview Monday. "When I saw the movie and read the book when I was 10 years old, it was my first encounter with a dystopia. If you think about the games I make, dystopias are very cent... more

Movie Review: '2 Guns'

2 guns movie

"2 Guns"? Please. There are enough guns in this movie to arm a small country. Maybe a medium-sized one. There are plenty of jokes in "2 Guns," this summer's latest variation on the buddy-cop theme, starring the engaging duo of Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. But one of the funniest things about it is that title. Bullets fly every few seconds. By the end, it's impossible to count how many people have died; it's much easier to count who's still alive. And that's a shame, because ultimately the bang-bang in "2 Guns," directed by Baltasar Kormakur, becomes so tiresome that you forget what should be the main focus of the film: The appea... more

Black Male Humanity Shown in 'Fruitvale'

fruitvale station

Oscar Grant did not deserve to die. This is the central message of "Fruitvale Station," a film dramatizing the real-life case of the young unarmed black man shot in the back by a white police officer in 2009. It's a common message, often heard in film and life in general. But the way writer-director Ryan Coogler delivers this message is extraordinary. As portrayed by Michael B. Jordan (beware of plot spoilers ahead) Grant is a great father - and a convicted felon. He loves his girlfriend - and he cheats on her. He wants to hold down a legal job - and he can't make it to work on time. He's a drug dealer who takes time to make his bed in t... more

Movie Review: 'The Smurfs 2'

smurfs 2

LOS ANGELES - Time flies when you're not wondering about the welfare of the Smurfs, those diminutive, animated blue-skinned forest-dwellers. Turns out they've been just fine since their 2011 big-screen outing, but there's trouble brewing in their new adventure-comedy that will require their curious blend of wide-eyed optimism and goofy enthusiasm to peacefully resolve. A sequel largely unwarranted other than for box office and promotional purposes, the unimaginatively titled "The Smurfs 2" should have little trouble scaling stratospheric heights similar to its predecessor with undiscriminating young audiences and their chaperones, weary f... more

Friends Proud of Amateur Film on Snowden's HK Stay

hk snowden movie

HONG KONG - It was shot in single takes with amateur actors, hobbyist directors and about $650 - mainly to pay for a room in the same Hong Kong hotel that briefly housed Edward Snowden. But the short YouTube film some bill as the first movie about the National Security Agency leaker is a source of pride for the friends who made it, even as they acknowledge its limitations. "Verax" gained much popularity at first, having been released just two days after Snowden left Hong Kong for Moscow, where he remains, but praise of the film has given way to criticism, with many viewers berating the four directors for amateur work and bad casting. Th... more

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