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Movie Review: 'Grown Ups 2'

grown ups 2

"Grown Ups 2" opens with a deer urinating on Adam Sandler. The less sophisticated jokes come later. This is not to say the movie is funny, or not funny. You either laugh at a deer peeing on Sandler, or you don't. It's to identify "Grown Ups" as One Of Those. It's not "Punch Drunk Love," where's he's trying something daring. Or "Funny People," or "Zohan," where he's working with Judd Apatow, or someone who can say, "maybe we could get by with fewer scenes of the peeing deer." "Grown Ups 2" is one of those unsupervised movies that Sandler makes with his posse -- every guy he's ever worked with at "SNL," a few sports broadcasters, some ex-... more

Movie Review: 'Pacific Rim'

pacific rim movie

It's one of the saving graces of "Pacific Rim," Guillermo Del Toro's new mega-budget monsters vs. robots extravaganza, that at a key juncture, it knows how to make fun of itself. This welcome bit of comic relief amid all the crunching, smashing and groaning in 3-D comes just as the good guys - that would be the robots, or rather the humans operating the 25-story machines built to save humanity - have hit a snag. These massive, digitally controlled contraptions suddenly all fail at once. But then - eureka! - someone points out that one rusty old robot is analog. And so, in a movie that has spent some $200 million to boast the very best in... more

20th Century Fox to Create Musicals From Films

brad pitt fight club

NEW YORK - Get ready for more stage versions of your favorite movies - 20th Century Fox has formed a new joint venture to turn the studio's vast arsenal of films into musicals. The studio said Thursday it has joined up with Tony Award-winner producer Kevin McCollum, film producer John Davis and entertainment executive Tom McGrath to develop at least nine musicals based upon the studio's films over the next several years. The three will continue to work on other projects while collaborating with Fox. The move takes 20th Century Fox from a licenser of films into a player on Broadway, adding its heft to already established film studios ope... more

Movie Review: 'Fruitvale Station'

fruitvale station

"Fruitvale Station" is more than the dramatization of an obituary. It's about empathy. In recounting (and slightly fictionalizing) the final day of 22-year-old Oscar Grant's life, first-time writer-director Ryan Coogler has made a film that piles small daily gestures - and one final, heartbreakingly tragic one - into an inspiring reminder about basic human decency. That may sound trite, but "Fruitvale Station" - already a hit on the festival circuit - resonates not just for its portrait of injustice, but because its argument for treating strangers kindly, decently, comes at a time when fear and presumption often trump simple kindness, an... more

Weinstein, Warner Bros. Spar Over 'The Butler'

forest whitaker the butler

NEW YORK - The dustup over the rights to a film title has turned into a public squabble between Harvey Weinstein and Warner Bros. Disputed is the claim to the title "The Butler," which the Weinstein Co. has promoted as the name of an upcoming drama about a White House butler. An arbitrator last week ruled Warner Bros. has the right to "The Butler," having released a so-named silent short in 1916. The Weinstein Co. is appealing the decision. Weinstein took to "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday to claim Warner Bros. has an "ulterior motive" in refusing to allow use of the title. He claimed that Warner Bros.' argument is really over rights to "T... more

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