• A Visit to Exotics Racing With Transformers

    "Transformers: Age of Extinction" is out on home video and we raced cars, talked to a veteran stunt driver and met Optimus Prime.
    transformers exotics racing
  • Talking 'Sniper: Legacy'

    Dennis Haysbert plays the Colonel & Chad Michael Collins stars as Tom Berenger's son in a reboot of the Marine sniper movie series
    sniper legacy chad michael collins
  • Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf Nearly Fought Scott Eastwood on Set of 'Fury'

    Pitt and LaBeouf took issue when Eastwood spit on their tank during filming the WWII movie.
    fury brad pitt tank
  • Movie Review: ‘The Equalizer’

    "The Equalizer" is a mediocre thriller that tries to establish the 59-year-old Denzel Washington as a middle-aged action hero.
    denzel washington equalizer
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Box Office Results: 9/19-9/21

  1. The Maze Runner - $32.5M
  2. A Walk Among the Tombstones - $12.8M
  3. This is Where I Leave You - $11.6M
  4. No Good Deed- $9.8M
  5. Dolphin Tale 2 - $8.9M
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy - $5.2M
  7. Let’s Be Cops - $2.7M
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $2.7M
  9. The Drop - $2.1M
  10. If I Stay - $1.8M

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Zach Braff Launches Kickstarter Campaign

zach braff kickstarter

NEW YORK - Since directing "Garden State," Zach Braff has continually prepared music in an iTunes playlist titled, "For Next Movie." Nine years and hundreds of saved songs later, Braff hopes he's finally making his follow-up to "Garden State" - if his fans can help. On Wednesday, in the wake of the enormously successful "Veronica Mars" Kickstarter campaign, the "Scrubs" star launched a crowd-funding campaign to make his next movie. For the next 30 days, he'll try to raise $2 million on Kickstarter for "Wish I Was Here," a film he co-wrote with his brother Adam. Braff's movie is the most notable film project since Rob Thomas sent shock wa... more

Movie Review: Pain & Gain

pain and gain flag

There's a siege mentality about Michael Bay's movies, as though viewers are the enemy holed up in a bunker and he's the guy ordering heavy-metal music around-the-clock to wear down our morale and force us to surrender. Bay's true-crime caper "Pain & Gain" lacks the visual-effects mayhem and sci-fi cacophony of his "Transformers" blockbusters, yet the movie uses all the shock and awe and noise and bluster the director has in his utterly unsubtle arsenal. Unlike Bay's usual action nonsense, there's a story, screenplay, characters and wry mix of suspense and pitiable comedy to be had in the tale of three Florida bodybuilders who blunder thr... more

A Dramatic Turn For Will Forte, Sans Celery

will forte run jump

NEW YORK - Putting celery in one's butt is not the traditional pathway to coveted dramatic roles and illustrious international film festivals. But three years after the "Saturday Night Live" spinoff "MacGruber" - and that infamous moment of vegetable prop comedy - Will Forte finds himself starring in an Irish drama playing at the Tribeca Film Festival ("Run & Jump") ahead of his starring role in Alexander Payne's "Nebraska," an entry to this year's Cannes Film Festival. "I have no idea how I found myself in this position," says still bewildered Forte. Though known for ridiculously over-the-top characters on "SNL" (a hermit falcon-owner,... more

Hollywood Yielding to China's Growing Film Clout

hollywood china

Coming soon to a theater near you: China's Communist Party. From demanding changes in plot lines that denigrate the Chinese leadership, to dampening lurid depictions of sex and violence, Beijing is having increasing success in pressuring Hollywood into deleting movie content Beijing finds objectionable. It's even getting American studios to sanction alternative versions of films specially tailored for Chinese audiences, like "Iron Man 3," which debuts in theaters around the world later this week. The Chinese version features local heartthrob Fan Bingbing - absent from the version showing abroad - and lengthy clips of Chinese scenery that... more

Thailand Bans Film About Thai-Cambodian Border Row

thai border documentary

BANGKOK - Thailand's film censors have banned a documentary about the country's long-running border dispute with neighboring Cambodia as a threat to national security, the filmmaker said Wednesday. "Boundary" tells the story of the Thai-Cambodian conflict through accounts of an ex-soldier who lives near the border, as well as villagers from the two countries. It also touches on other conflicts in Thailand, including the 9-year-old insurgency in the south and the political divisiveness that led to a deadly military crackdown on protesters in 2010. Director Nontawat Numbenchapol said the Culture Ministry's film screening office informed hi... more

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