• 'Fury' Visits Fort Benning

    Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, director David Ayer, Logan Lerman and Michael Peña visited the Army base to show their WWII tank movie.
    michael pena brad pitt shia labeouf fury fort benning
  • Archaeologists Seek Movie Set in California Sands

    Archaeologists working in the sand dunes along the Central California coast are digging up ancient sphinxes — but these are made of plaster.
    demille ten commandments movie
  • Reported 'Easy Rider' Chopper Sells at Auction

    A motorcycle reportedly featured in the film "Easy Rider" has been sold for what auctioneers say was $1.35 million.
    easy rider bike
  • Revisiting Steven Spielberg's '1941'

    Screenwriter Bob Gale talks to us about a much longer version of the World War II comedy that just debuted on Blu-ray.
    1941 movie spielberg belushi
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Box Office Results: 10/17-10/19

  1. Fury - $23.7M
  2. Gone Girl - $17.5M
  3. The Book of Life - $17M
  4. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day - $11.5M
  5. The Best of Me - $10M
  6. Dracula Untold - $10M
  7. The Judge - $7.9M
  8. Annabelle - $7.9M
  9. The Equalizer - $5.4M
  10. The Maze Runner - $4.4

News Archives for 2013

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Movie Review: Admission

admission rudd fey

What should be a hilarious, long-overdue pairing of two hugely likable, superstar comedians ends up being a major disappointment with "Admission." As much film and television work as they do individually, Tina Fey and Paul Rudd surprisingly never have worked together. In theory, her smart, zingy persona should mesh beautifully with his easygoing goofiness - or their shared dynamic should bounce, or snap, or have some sort of life to it. Instead, Paul Weitz's direction of Karen Croner's script is tonally erratic: too fast in spots and too much of a slog in others. It certainly doesn't help that the characters, based on Jean Hanff Korelitz... more

Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen

gerard butler olympus

LOS ANGELES - In a week when North Korea posted a homemade video showing the U.S. Capitol building being destroyed by a missile, what more logical response could Hollywood offer than a macho thriller about a Secret Service agent who takes on North Korean terrorists who attack the White House? The first of two similarly themed action dramas set for this year ("White House Down" arrives in June), "Olympus Has Fallen" will put to the test the question of whether American audiences are ready, 12 years after 9-11, to watch, strictly as disposable popcorn entertainment, a film in which the United States and some of its most prominent landmarks a... more

'Spring Breakers' Has Bikini-Clad Debut at SXSW

spring breakers

AUSTIN, Texas - Iconoclastic director Harmony Korine unveiled what may be one of the most twisted spring break movies in recent memory with a screening heralded by a roving motorcade of scooter drivers in bikinis and ski masks and lasting into the wee hours Monday at the South by Southwest film festival. "Spring Breakers," positioned as both a celebration and an indictment of the annual bacchanal, follows four bikini-clad college students through a series of improbable adventures. After financing their excursion to the Florida coast with a robbery, the young women descend farther into the criminal underworld than intended. The movie has ... more

China's Homegrown Hit Films Getting Lost Overseas

lost in thailand

HONG KONG - The surprise hit in Chinese theaters last year was a low-budget, wacky road-trip comedy that even beat out global blockbuster "Avatar" to become the country's highest-grossing film ever. But "Lost in Thailand" disappeared overseas. The film that earned 1.26 billion yuan ($200 million) in China earned a paltry $57,000 during its U.S. theatrical release, joining other homegrown hits that have flopped internationally. It is the latest sign that while the country has become a box-office superpower, it faces a harder task fulfilling its leaders' hopes that its studios will be able to rival Hollywood for global influence. Action-co... more

'Need For Speed' Set For Filming in April

scott waugh need for speed

"Need for Speed," a DreamWorks Studios film, is an adaptation of the popular video game of the same name and will begin filming in Macon, GA next month. It will be directed by Scott Waugh, who directed "Act of Valor" in 2012, according to a statement from the commission. For now, the cast includes actors Aaron Paul ("Breaking Bad"), Dominic Cooper ("Captain America"), Imogen Poots ("Fright Night") and Michael Keaton ("Batman"). An estimated 200 cast and crew members will come to Macon as part of the production, which is scheduled to begin shooting in Macon in mid-April. "Need for Speed" will be a fast-paced film rooted in the tradition o... more

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