• 10 Iconic Movie Snipers

    If you want more after seeing "American Sniper," here are nine more movies featuring memorable marksmen in action.
    American Sniper Movie Trailer
  • 'Boy Next Door' Way Too Predictable

    The movie is a gender-reversing B-movie spin on "Fatal Attraction" that sets suburban family values against that one night of misguided passion.
    This photo released by Universal Pictures shows, Ryan Guzman, left, as Noah and Jennifer Lopez as Claire Peterson in a scene from the film, "The Boy Next Door." (AP Photo/Universal Pictures, Suzanne Hanover)
  • 'Sniper' Shocks Hollywood With Massive First Weekend

    "American Sniper," Clint Eastwood's movie about SEAL Chris Kyle, set all kinds of box office records. Here's why that's important.
    BRADLEY COOPER as Chris Kyle in Warner Bros. Pictures' and Village Roadshow Pictures' drama "AMERICAN SNIPER," distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures and in select territories by Village Roadshow Pictures.
  • In 'Blackhat,' Hacking Details Ring True, Security Pro Says

    It highlights the real threats hackers pose to cybersecurity and makes clear to moviegoers the ways they're vulnerable to hacks.
    chris hemsworth blackhat subway
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Box Office Results: 1/23-1/25

  1. American Sniper - $64.4M
  2. The Boy Next Door - $15M
  3. Paddington - $12.4M
  4. The Wedding Ringer - $11.6M
  5. Taken 3 - $7.6M
  6. The Imitation Game - $7.1M
  7. Strange Magic - $5.5M
  8. Selma - $5.5M
  9. Mortdecai - $4.1M
  10. Into the Woods - $3.9M

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Alec Baldwin on 'Fetid Septic Tank' Movie Biz

seduced and abandoned

NEW YORK - In "Seduced and Abandoned," Alec Baldwin and James Toback present a portrait of today's movie business and an elegy to what it once was. In person, Baldwin's even more candid, venting on tasteless studio executives, the pay for actors and the "fetid septic tank" of the movie business. Baldwin and Toback knocked around the Cannes Film Festival last year, documenting the humbling process of Hollywood deal-making and trying to get financing for a film. Baldwin, whose movie career has largely taken a back seat to TV (he has followed his Emmy-winning run on "30 Rock" with his recently launched MSNBC talk show, "Up Late With Alec Bal... more

Bad Guy Blues: Myanmar Villains Struggle to Get By

myanmar villains

YANGON, Myanmar - In a dimly lit alley on a cramped side street of a teeming Southeast Asian city, the bad guys cluster together, plotting their next move. There is A Yaing Min, the "King of Cruelty," who twirls his mustache as he talks and cultivates a pointy beard with a pointed message: Mess with me, and I will end you. There is Myint Kyi, who has been dispatching enemies - typically with spears - since 1958. There is Phone Naing, muscular and sinewy in tight military pants, who talks only in a low snarl. Granted, these are not actual evildoers. They are longtime cinematic villains who gather each morning in a tightly packed enclave o... more

Wachowskis Hope to Surprise With Next Film

jupiter ascending set

LOS ANGELES - The Wachowski siblings say they're hoping to again surprise audiences with the science-fiction movie "Jupiter Ascending," starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. Andy and Lana Wachowski said in an interview Thursday night that they were overseeing editing and special effects for the movie set for release next summer. "It's a science fiction space opera," Lana Wachowski said outside an Australians in Film awards dinner. "It has a lot of things from a lot of genres that we love. It's got a lot of original action, it's got a lot of romance." Andy Wachowski, 45, said editing "Jupiter Ascending," which the siblings wrote and ar... more

Mexico TV Star Shows Hollywood What Latinos Want

instructions not included

MEXICO CITY - Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez jokes that it took him 12 years to become an overnight sensation. The real punch line is that it took much longer. The writer, director and star of the surprise Hollywood hit "Instructions Not Included" was a virtual unknown among the general audience in the U.S., where the film debuted on Labor Day weekend. Its success was shocking, climbing into the top five box office earners with only a limited release. It's pulled in more than $43 million so far in the U.S. alone, and roughly the same in Mexico. It cost just a bit over $5 million to make. The story of an Acapulco playboy whose former lo... more

Stuntman and 'Smokey' Director Hal Needham Dies

hal needham smokey and the bandit

LOS ANGELES - Hal Needham, a top Hollywood stuntman who turned to directing action films including "Smokey and the Bandit" and "The Cannonball Run," has died. He was 82. His business managers tell the Los Angeles Times that Needham died Friday in Los Angeles. A former paratrooper, Needham appeared in thousands of TV episodes and hundreds of movies, performing and designing stunts. Needham jumped from planes, was dragged by horses and wrecked cars - breaking 56 bones in the process. His best-known directing efforts involved 1970s Burt Reynolds action comedies. He also directed Arnold Schwarzenegger in "The Villain." In a Twitter postin... more

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