• Get the Bad Guys With 'American Sniper'

    We've got a newly-released clip from the film about Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, which is just released on Digital HD.
    american sniper get the bad guys bradley cooper
  • Director Reveals Plot for 'Star Wars' Film 'Rogue One'

    The Jedis are all but extinct, the Old Republic is in turmoil and the threat of the Death Star is looming in "Rogue One."
    star wars rogue one heist movie
  • In 'True Story,' a Writer and a Killer Weave an Ambiguous Web

    Based on real events, "True Story" is about the dance between disgraced journalist Michael Finkel and the convicted killer Christian Longo.
    Jonah Hill and James Franco star in "True Story."
  • Russia Blocks Hollywood Thriller Day Before Release

    "Child 44" is a mystery thriller featuring a Soviet policeman investigating a series of grisly child murders in 1953.
    child 44 gary oldman tom hardy
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Box Office Results: 4/17-4/19

  1. Furious 7 - $29M
  2. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 - $24M
  3. Unfriended - $16M
  4. Home - $10.3M
  5. The Longest Ride - $6.9M
  6. Get Hard - $4.8M
  7. Monkey Kingdom - $4.7M
  8. Woman in Gold - $5.9M
  9. Insurgent - $4.2M
  10. Cinderella - $3.9M

News Archives for Apr 2014

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Movie Review: ‘Dom Hemingway’

dom hemingway jude law richard grant

A temperamental, egotistical, British ex-con with a soft side for the daughter he left behind, Jude Law is magnetic as the title character in " Dom Hemingway ," an amusing tale of vengeance, debauchery and redemption told stylishly by writer-director Richard Shepard . Dom is introduced shirtless while delivering a verbose rant about his genitalia, which he likens to titanium, a Renoir or Picasso painting, a Nobel Prize winner, a cheetah, lightening and more. Few outrageous comparisons are spared. His speech could be seen as a pathetic attempt at a pick-up technique, except he's so puffed up. It's clear he could care ... more

Playful Primates Grab the Spotlight in 'Lemurs'

island of lemurs madagascar

Director David Douglas says he hopes people take their children to see his new live-action, IMAX 3D film "Island of Lemurs: Madagascar" so they can enjoy the thrill of learning about these extraordinary animals together. "I think it's a great family experience on many levels," Douglas emphasized in a recent phone interview. "The one that's most obvious to me is that the family that goes to this movie… everybody is going to learn something about lemurs at the same time because, basically, nobody knows anything [about them,]" he explained. "So, it's going to be an experience that ... more

Malaysia, Indonesia Ban Biblical Epic 'Noah'

russell crowe noah

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia and Indonesia have banned the biblical epic "Noah," joining other Muslim nations that forbid the Hollywood movie for its visual depiction of the prophet. Film censors in both countries said Monday that the portrayal of the ark-building prophet by Russell Crowe was against Islamic laws. Depictions of any prophet are shunned in Islam to avoid worship of a person rather than God. "The film 'Noah' is not allowed to be screened in this country to protect the sensitivity and harmony in Malaysia's multi-racial and multi-religious community," Fil... more

Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

captain america winter solider 1

What would you do if one of your leaders operated in a way that undermined your values? How would you handle a superior officer who manipulated your mission in ways that were dangerous, morally dubious, and contradicted the cause of the organization you were both a part of? The fictional soldier Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, faces these questions when his 1940's system of values is pitted against the complexity of modern warfare in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." Issues such as PTSD, public transparency, and the morality of drone strikes are part of discussions about U.S. national security in the 21st century. Each o... more

Movie Review: 'Under the Skin'

scarlett johansson under the skin

To say that a movie feels like a dream is not automatically a positive statement. It all depends on the dream. Some dreams, for example, make sense, at least partly, and others are just baffling. Some are compelling, others tedious. Some move quickly, and others feel like they're never going to end. Alas, Jonathan Glazer's "Under the Skin" begins with a lot of the positive attributes mentioned above, but seems to settle into the negative ones as time goes on. It may feel like a dream, but it eventually feels like one you're sorta ready to wake up from. However — and this is a significant "however" — the fil... more

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