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    Air Force Medals

    Do you know your military medals (and famous service members who have received them)? Test your knowledge in this medal quiz. For more on military medals, see Military/com's Medals page.

    Military Medal Quiz

    Do you know your military medals (and famous service members who have received them)? Test your knowledge in this medal quiz.

    This medal is given to those who distinguish themselves by exceptionally meritorious service in a duty of great responsibility.

    Airman's Medal

    Afghanistan Campaign Medal

    U.S. Army Distinguished Service Medal

    U.S. Navy Distinguished Service Medal

    Which service's version of The Medal of Honor, the nation's highest military honor, is pictured above?

    Air Force




    Identify the military decoration above.

    Army Distinguished Service Cross

    Air Force Cross

    Distinguished Flying Cross

    Navy Cross

    Army Staff Sergeant Sal Giunta was the first person since the Vietnam War to receive which medal?

    Army Commendation Medal

    Defense Meritorious Service Medal

    Iraq Campaign Medal

    Medal of Honor

    What was the Silver Star, pictured above, originally called?

    Bronze Star

    Citation Star

    Defense Superior Service Star

    Victory Star

    Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rocky Bleier received which two decorations for his service in Vietnam?

    DoD Distinguished Service Medal and Meritorious Service Medal

    Medal for Humane Action and Vietnam Service Medal

    Purple Heart and Special Operations Medal

    Purple Heart and Bronze Star

    This decoration is given to U.S. service members, as well as foreign military.

    Defense Meritorious Service Medal

    Joint Service Commendation Medal

    Legion of Merit

    Medal for Humane Action

    The Kuwait Liberation Medal pictured above is for service in which country?



    Saudi Arabia


    What will you find on the back of the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal?

    A map of the Pacific region

    Image of the American Eagle

    The inscription "Meritorious Service"

    The inscription "For Military Merit"

    This medal was established by President Woodrow Wilson on January 2, 1918.

    Air Force Cross

    Armed Forces Service Medal

    Distinguished Service Cross

    Silver Star

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