• Snoop Dogg Provides Voice-Over for 'Call of Duty'

    Rapper Snoop Dogg is lending his voice to multiplayer game Call of Duty: Ghosts, which he describes as "hip" and "hood."
    snoop dogg call of duty
  • Game Review: ‘MLB 14: The Show'

    The same great baseball simulation now caters to a wider group of gamers with online franchises and shorter game times.
  • This Time is Different

    The Oculus Rift headset might just be a game-changer for virtual reality.
    oculus vr headset
  • GAME INFORMER Top 10 List

    "TowerFall Ascension" is the #1 downloadable game for April 2014.
    towerfall ascension
  • 'Titanfall' - Cheaters Beware!

    It’s like "Call of Duty" with giant robots and great graphics, but cheaters get banished to a queue to play with other cheaters.
    titanfall 2
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Top Selling Games: Week of 4/5

  1. The Elder Scrolls Online (PC)
  2. Titanfall (XOne)
  3. MLB 14 The Show (PS3)
  4. inFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4)
  5. Minecraft (X360)
  6. Diablo III (PC)
  7. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4)
  8. Pokemon X/Y (3DS)
  9. Call of Duty: Ghosts (X360)
  10. MLB 14 The Show (PSV)

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