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oxford english dictionary

'Vape', 'Binge-Watch' Added to Oxford Dictionaries

LONDON (AP) — Don't know what "vaping" is? How about "listicle"? Perhaps it's time to get to know them. Britain's Oxford University Press said Thursday it is adding the words — along with other new entries, from "time-poor" to "Paleo diet" — to its online Oxford Dictionaries to reflect new language trends. Editors for the site track and analyze some 150 million English words used online, in newspap... more

blood aces binion

Book Review: ‘Blood Aces’

"Blood Aces: The Wild Ride of Benny Binion , the Texas Gangster Who Created Vegas Poker" (Viking), by Doug J. Swanson Benny Binion , native of tiny Pilot Grove, Texas, began his career as a crooked horse trader, graduated to bootlegging, took over the policy racket in Dallas, broke into the big time by opening the Horseshoe casino in Las Vegas, launched the World Series of Po... more

unmanned don fesperman

Thriller Author Explores Drone Warfare, Spying

It was the eeriness of the situation that struck Baltimore writer Dan Fesperman . Drone pilots for the Air Force would spend weeks watching what amounted to a real-life silent movie of a small town thousands of miles away -- all the while plotting the destruction of some of the inhabitants. Fesperman interviewed drone operators stationed at Creech Air Force Base in Ne... more

ronald reagan desk

Book Review: 'The Invisible Bridge'

" The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan" ( Simon & Schuster), by Rick Perlstein Even Republicans piled on President Richard Nixon as the Watergate scandal wore on. But not California Gov. Ronald Reagan . He said Watergate was being "blown out of proportion" and was "none of my business." Rick Perlstein writes that incredulous reporters thought Reagan was acting like ... more

warren bennis

WWII Vet & Business Guru Warren Bennis Dies at 89

Long before Warren Bennis became a world-renowned expert on leadership and a much-honored USC business professor, he was an infantry officer during World War II in Europe, where he started to hone his ideas about leadership being most effective when it steered away from strict, top-down hierarchies. "Overnight, I learned that a leader is not simply someone who experiences the personal exhilaration of being in... more

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