New VA Rules for Specially Adapted Housing Grants

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as announced that a new change will allow wounded warriors to receive multiple grants for constructing or modifying their homes.

This new rule allows eligible servicemembers to receive special adaptive grants worth up to $50,000, respectively, from the VA as many as three times.

"Veterans seriously disabled during their military service have earned this benefit,"said VA Secretary Dr. James B. Peake in a VA-issued press release. "This change ensures that every eligible veteran and servicember has the chance to use the maximum amount afforded to them by our grateful nation."

Eligible veterans can now apply for three different types of grants: The Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH), The Temporary Residence Adaptation (TRA) grant, and the Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grant.

The SAH grant is currently limited to $50,000 and is generally used to create a wheelchair-accessible home for those who may require this kind of assistance for daily living.

The SHA grant is limited to $10,000 and can be used to assist veterans with mobility throughout their homes due to blindness in both eyes, the loss of the use of both hands, or the extremities below the elbow.

And, the TRA grant is available to eligible to veterans and seriously injured active duty servicemembers who are temporarily living or intend to temporarily live in a home owned by a family member.

Under the TRA program veterans and servicemembers would be eligible to use up to $14,000 towards construction. And, those eligible under the SHA program would be allowed to use up to $2,000 of the maximum grant amounts. Each grant would count as one of the three grants allowed under the new program.

"The goal of all three programs is to provide a barrier-free living environment that offers the country's most severely injured veteran or servicemembers a level of independent living," Peake said.

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