Troops Grapple With Housing Market

Troops grapple with the current housing market.

Depressed property values have become a national crisis for many homeowners. But for members of the military who must comply with relocation orders or face disciplinary action, waiting out the hous...

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Refinancing your home

A non-profit organization that provides financial counseling for veterans has expanded into assistance for homeowners.

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Are you one of the growing number of families in, or facing foreclosure? Do you know of another military family in that circumstance? Then please read this.

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Signing a letter.

Jennifer's husband will soon get PCS orders. Problem is, they owe more than the home is worth since real estate prices are down.

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Beware Tricare “Secret Shopper” Scam

A new type of scam is targeting people who are familiar with the Tricare name, and has the potential to cost victims $3,000 in cash, plus a lot of stress and aggregation.  Knowing the details might keep you from becoming a victim of this truly obnoxious crime. In a news release from the Defense Health Agency, […]

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