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    Data Suggests VA Loan Qualifying isn’t Rocket Science
    Veterans First Mortgage ®
    When it comes to getting approved, VA-eligible borrowers may currently have a slight edge.
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    VA Loan Guide
    The VA program is one of the few remaining no-down payment programs in the market. Learn all about using your VA loan benefit.
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    Understanding VA Home Loan Requirements
    Navy Federal Credit Union
    If you’re looking to buy, refinance or remodel your home, then be sure to review VA home loan requirements to see if you qualify.
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    VA Home Loan: Do You Have What it Takes?
    There are five categories for eligibility. Your eligibility is based on you military service. Do you meet the criteria?
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    5 Reasons to Live Off Base
    There are a lot of factors that play into your decision on whether to live inside or outside the base gates, and there's no bla...
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    Starting the Loan Application Process
    Once you've determined that you are eligible for a VA home loan, you can begin the loan application process, which includes six...
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    VA Loan Limits for High-Cost Counties: Updated for 2017
    The VA loan limit for 2017 is $424,100. But it could actually be substantially more if you buy a home in a high-cost county. Se...
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    How to PCS in a Hurry
    In a perfect world, military families get orders to their new locations months before the report date. In reality, things are h...
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    VA Financing & Mortgages Options
    The VA guarantees a variety of home loans. There are two basic types of loans with two additional options that are appealing to...
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    What Is a VA Guaranteed Home Loan?
    If you want to purchase or refinance a home, condominium or manufactured home, the VA can guarantee up to $417,000 of the total...
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    Top 3 VA Home Loan Tips
    We've scoured the Internet to find the three most helpful tips to help you take advantage of this exclusive benefit.
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    VA Loan Forms
    In order to receive your Certificate of Eligibility for VA loan benefits, you will need to submit your request for a Certificat...
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    6 Unbeatable Benefits of VA Loans
    Veterans United Home Loans|
    Here's a look at six of the biggest, most unbeatable benefits of the VA home loan.

Make the Deal

Einstein was right.

There comes a time in the process of buying a house when time speeds up. Your brother, on the other side of the country, sees no change in his life; you, however, suddenly age faster, and events seem to swirl around you at the speed of light. Your emotions ramp up to a new level, the ring of the telephone jars the very fiber of your being, you live in a place called High Anxiety, and your brother notices that when he speaks to you on the phone, your voice is a half-octave higher.

Fear not. This is normal. It's the time that begins when you've taken the plunge and put an offer in on a house. It continues with the serve-and-volley that may ensue after your offer has been received. Then, if your offer is accepted, it continues through the logistics of the loan, the discoveries at the home inspection, and the actual closing. It's a real roller coaster ride, with all the attendant thrills and acceleration.

This section is about that time and that ride. We lay out some strategies for negotiation when you buy your home, and then some idea of what to expect as you make it to and through closing (with due attention paid to potential snags along the way).

Once you get through this section in real life, you'll be ready to take the keys (hey, how exactly does even that happen?) and cross the threshold into your new life.

No pressure. Really.

For more details, visit the Military.com VA Loan Center for guides and tips.

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