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    AAFMAA's new subsidiary -- AAFMAA Financial Advisors -- will open its doors on July 1, 2010 at the AAFMAA Financial Center loca...
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    An automated notification process, called auto-dialer, lets members know when their policy payments are overdue.
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    AAFMAA was a proud participant in the Air Force Association's Annual Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition.

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Message to AAFMAA Members

As we complete another great year, I thank all members for your continued trust in AAFMAA.  We've stayed focused on three imperatives to keep AAFMAA a vibrant and growing Association; sell more, control costs and invest wisely. We remain committed to growing the membership and policy base by offering relevant, low-cost products to members and their families.  We control costs by implementing automation as often as possible while still retaining the personal touch the membership expects and deserves. Through a very thoughtful, long-term investment perspective AAFMAA has invested the members' money wisely, conservatively and for the long term.

In July of this year, AAFMAA re-integrated the delivery of our unique Living and Survivor Assistance Services. AAFMAA Financial Advisors, our wholly-owned subsidiary, now provides all those services directly for members.  This arrangement is working out terrifically. By bringing the services back under the AAFMAA umbrella, AAFMAA remains more connected with the membership by providing those services. AAFMAA Financial Advisors will offer even more services in the future.  As these additional benefits and services become available, AAFMAA will keep the membership fully informed.

In August of this year, AAFMAA launched its first Social Media presence through Facebook and Twitter. This has really allowed us to connect with members in a new and different way.  It does not replace the personal one-on-one service, but keeps AAFMAA nimble and responsive to the changes in communication methods available through technology.  As always, every member can rest assured that all privacy concerns continue to be addressed, even though this is a new and exciting communication channel.

It is now time to look forward; to another year, another decade, another century of service to the members. We've been here for 131 years and are planning for the next 131!  It remains my privilege to serve as the President and Treasurer of AAFMAA.  I thank you again for your trust. And, as we're all about to enjoy a festive holiday season let's remember our members serving around the globe in defense of freedom and America.


Walt R. Lincoln, CFP
Major, US Army, Retired,
President and Treasurer

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