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Military.com Humor - Rank Recognition Made Easy
 You Might be a Military Brat...


  • if you actually like the clothes at the PX and don't mind that 100 other people are wearing the same thing.
  • if you wish you were back at the last place you were stationed and are only 10.
  • if the question "where are you from?" is answered with "I'm kinda from all over the place."
  • if you are amazed at people who have never left their home town.
  • if you are commonly asked, "Is it hard always moving around?" and you don't know anything different.
  • if you go to a grocery store but insist on calling it a commissary.
  • if you have ever bagged groceries at the commissary on payday.
  • if you had/still have hospital corners on your bed.
  • if you don't really know the answer to the question "what is your home town."
  • if you ever feared turning 21 because they would take your id card away.
  • if you have spent more time on a military base than in a real town even though you've been a civilian all your life.
  • if you ever got restricted to quarters or put on KP duty as a kid.
  • if you had a father who was always telling you to "Go police up your room!"
  • if you have ever been "dropped" for your grades at school.
  • if you have to explain that being born in Germany does not make you German.
  • if you know what "the land of the big PX" means.
  • if you actually miss shopping at AAFES or the PX.
  • if you have ever had to have an ID card to get back home from "down range."
  • if you have ever asked "CPT Smith, can Tommy come out and play?"
  • if you graduated from 12th grade and it was your 13th school.
  • if you had to tell your math teacher last school was teaching subtraction, new school was on division and you missed multiplication
  • if you live in one state and your father/mother lives in another because they were newly stationed there.


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