MAG is a massive action first-person shooter in an ever-changing global war. Climb the ranks and gain the experience needed to own the battlefield.

• 256-player online battles managed by an intuitive Command and Control system. Conquer objectives by working together.
• Personalize your career and earn the respect of your peers to become a Squad Leader, Platoon Leader or Officer in Charge.
• Achieve in-game performance rewards for you & your entire Military Corporation. Widen your arsenal & enhance your stats.


In the near future, governments are supposedly at peace, but a Shadow War, fought by private military corporations, is raging. You, along with a myriad of comrades and enemies alike — up to 256 in all — are dropped into this unprecedented war. With enough experience, you may even become an elite fighter or earn the right to lead a squad, platoon or ultimately an entire army of players. Your destiny and that of 255 other fighters awaits on the battlefield of MAG.

Key Features

Massive Action – For the first time ever, fight up to 256 real players online.
Command Structure –Use your advanced skills and experience points to take charge of your PMC's forces, becoming a squad, platoon or even army commander.
Unique Leveling System - A robust and flexible leveling system awarding experience points for both mission-critical and non mission-critical actions on the battlefield.
Persistent World – Missions and campaigns appear around the world as the missions ebb and flow.
Choose Your Faction – Three distinct PMCs to choose from, each with their own history, personality and style.
Customization – Customize your character as well as weaponry and pursue a wide variety of combat specialties from elite fighter to a general of an army.

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