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Pizzas Touchdown in Afghanistan for Super Bowl

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KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan -Pizza is at the top of the Super Bowl party list for a non-profit organization sending a slice of home to deployed soldiers. Thousands of pies were delivered to Kandahar, Afghanistan, Jan. 21, thanks to Air Force Master Sgt. (retired) Mark Evans who started 'Pizza 4 Patriots' in July 2008. 

With the help of the 3rd Sustainment Brigade, the deep dishes will touchdown at forward operating bases throughout Southern Afghanistan in time for the NFL's biggest game. 

"We have been coordinating with the organization for about three months now to make sure that everything runs smoothly and the Troops get the pizzas for the Super Bowl," said Chief Warrant Officer (3) Luis Pineo, a Fitchburg, Mass., native, and the Class I (food) supply officer for the 3rd Sustainment Brigade. 

Pineo, who has been deployed with the 'Providers' since December 2012, said he's teamed up with international shipper, DHL-Express and DynCorp International, a global government services provider, to ensure Pizza 4 Patriots' continued success. 

"As a former Marine, it means a lot to me that I can bring this to them," said Vince Crook, the commercial manager for DHL Express-Afghanistan, and native of Seattle, Wash. "I remember when it was just little things like this that made all the difference in the world while deployed." 

Jaclyn Lockette, the manager for the Class I yard at Kandahar Airfield, said that DynCorp is also happy to assist with the program that sends a growing number of pizzas to deployed soldiers twice a year. 

"We're here to support the war-fighter," said Lockette. "There is not a lot we can do, but I do know when those soldiers get off from their missions one of the first things they want is a hot meal. Delivering supplies to the soldiers is the least we can do. The Pizza 4 Patriots is a great morale booster for the soldiers. It can't get much better than eating pizza while watching the Super Bowl over here." 

Pizza 4 Patriots has delivered over 50,000 pizzas, which has fed more than 200,000 deployed service members. There are more than 30,000 pizzas on order to Afghanistan to help Soldiers kick off the championship game. 

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