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How to Talk to Your Children After Deployment

An Airman hugs his children

Posted by Corina Notyce, DCoE Strategic Communications This blog post was written by Dr. Pam Murphy, a child psychologist at theNational Center for Telehealth and Technology (T2), a Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury center. Before the deployment you talked with your kids about what they thought o... more

How Family Can Help Prepare for a Deployment

Military family watches deployment.

Relationships: Parent Note: for the purposes of this article, "parent" refers to the parent of a service member. More than anything else, your service member needs to know that she has your unconditional love and support. No matter how complex a relationship you have with your son or daughter, when your child deploys, all the things you thoug... more

Staying Healthy After Deployment

It is not uncommon for Soldiers to report health concerns after deployment. According to the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, during post-deployment reassessment, 39 percent of active-duty Soldiers reported they had health concerns (not a wound or injury) and 29 percent reported that their health was worse than before deployment ("Medica... more

Self-Care When Your Loved One Deploys

Soldier with family in woods.

If you don't already make your own self-care a priority, it's important that you start now. You can't be a reliable source of support for anyone else if your own physical and emotional systems are falling apart at the seams. On the most basic level, try to maintain healthy eating and sleeping habits; both are essential for overall good health. T... more

6 Tips on Talking to Your Spouse Before Deployment

Servicemember and wife holding hands.

The type of communication you have with your service member today will serve as the building blocks for the communication you practice while your service member is deployed and when he returns. "I communicate with my spouse before he departs on what we both expect during deployment relating to our children, our home, and our command. While I am... more

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