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TRICARE Active Duty Dental Program

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The TRICARE Active Duty Dental Program provides private sector dental care to ensure dental health and deployment readiness for active duty service members. United Concordia Companies, Inc. administers the program. The TRICARE Active Duty Dental Programis available for either active duty members who are referred for care by a military dental treatment facility to the civilian dental community or have a duty location and residence more than 50 miles from a military dental treatment facility.

The TRICARE Active Duty Dental Program provides free dental care from a civilian dentist for:

  • Active duty service members
  • Guard/Reserve members who are:
    • on active duty orders
    • on delayed entry orders
    • covered by Transition Assistance after a contingency operation
  • Service members who need line-of-duty care
  • Wounded warriors
  • Remotely stationed personnel

The program is managed by United Concordia. The Active Duty Dental Program is available in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands. For information on receiving Outconus dental care see the Tricare Dental Program Overseas.


If you are referred to a civilian dentist by a military dentist to receive speciality care, you pay nothing for care as long as you go to a network dentist. If you choose to us a non-network dentist you are responsible for payment of care. If no network dentist is available you must contact United Concordia for approval.

If you are remotely located (more than 50 miles from a military dental clinic, or serving in a U. S. territory), are a wounded warrior, or are covered by TAMP you are eligible for remote care. You can schedule all your routine dental services if they are less than $750 for a single treatment or are less than $1,500 for total treatments when completed within a year (such as a root canal). You must contact United Concordia for approval. If you need an appointment for speciality care, care in excess of $750 per procedure or appointment, care with a cumulative total greater than $1,500, or are seeing a non-network dentist, your dentist must get approval from United Concordia

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