Veteran Benefits

2015 VA Disability Compensation Rates

Visit the Benefits Channel to view 2015 VA compensation rates for veterans with a disability rating 10 percent or higher. more

State Veteran Benefits

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Veterans pursuing their educational goals are usually eligible for "educational assistance for students" in most states. Educational benefits for veterans and their dependents, particularly the children of deceased and disabled veterans, are also available in some states. has developed an on-line general summary of educational benef... more

VA Redesigns Website

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently redesigned the eBenefits website. The new website has a fresh new look with simplified menus, clearer instructions and more. Visit the new eBenefits website. For more on veteran benefits programs, visit the Benefits Center. more

Legion: VA Needs to Keep Informal Claims Process

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One piece of legislation considered at a Jan. 27 House Committee on Veterans' Affairs hearing would stop the Department of Veterans Affairs from effectively eliminating informal claims from its benefits system. Such claims can be submitted to VA without using its standardized forms for traditional claims. The bill, H.R.245, would override a pro... more

Legion's Testimony Recommends TAP Improvements

transition from servicemember to civilian

During congressional testimony in support of government efforts to assist returning warriors in the transition back to civilian life, The American Legion offered numerous suggestions to improve the process. Davy Leghorn, assistant director of The American Legion's National Veterans Employment and Education Division, presented testimony on behal... more

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