Veteran Benefits

Pilot Program to Steer Tricare Users to Military Hospitals

Ohio Air National Guard Senior Airman Bruce Moman, an Aerospace Medical Services Journeyman from the 180th Fighter Wing Medical Group, takes the blood pressure of a patient as part of an annual physical health assessment. U.S. Air Force photo

A new pilot program will give some Tricare users who are admitted to a civilian hospital through the emergency room the option to transfer to a Military Treatment Facility. Active-duty patients, meanwhile, may be ordered to make the switch. The program, announced on Tuesday, will start July 25 and run for up to two years in at 11 Army, Air For... more

Lawmakers Push to Restore Medical Marijuana Language to VA Bill

In this photo taken Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015, marijuana is measured in 3.5-gram amounts and placed in cans for packaging at the Pioneer Production and Processing marijuana growing facility in Arlington, Wash. Elaine Thompson/AP

Days after lawmakers killed legislation that would have cleared Veterans Affairs doctors to discuss and make recommendations about medical marijuana to their patients, supporters are taking another swing at the proposal. A group of 11 lawmakers are asking the House and Senate leadership to restore the language to the Military Construction and V... more

Veteran: Therapy Wrongly Denied Because She Is HIV-positive

Members of U.S. Army Eagle Company 2-2 Cavalry Regiment patrol in the Hadar neighborhood March 10, 2008, in Baghdad, Iraq.

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- An Iraq War veteran claims in a federal lawsuit that she was unlawfully denied aquatic therapy at an orthopedic hospital in Pennsylvania because she has the virus that causes AIDS. The lawsuit against OSS Health in York Township seeks a declaratory judgment stating that the alleged denial constitutes discrimination under the ... more

Free Legal Clinic in Virginia

Virginia's Attorney General is offering its first ever legal services clinic for veterans. Attorneys will help people create legal documents like wills, powers of attorney and advanced medical directives. The free clinic is open to veterans and their spouses or partners. The event takes place August 2 at Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampto... more

Legion Defends Veteran Preference System

The American Legion has begun a campaign to stop an effort in Congress to limit the advantage veterans have in federal hiring, starting with a letter to members of the House that accuses the Pentagon of conjuring a "morally-bankrupt tactic" to circumvent veterans' preference. A little-noticed provision of the massive defense bill the Senate pass... more

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