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Legion: VA Needs to Keep Informal Claims Process

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One piece of legislation considered at a Jan. 27 House Committee on Veterans' Affairs hearing would stop the Department of Veterans Affairs from effectively eliminating informal claims from its benefits system. Such claims can be submitted to VA without using its standardized forms for traditional claims. The bill, H.R.245, would override a pro... more

Legion's Testimony Recommends TAP Improvements

transition from servicemember to civilian

During congressional testimony in support of government efforts to assist returning warriors in the transition back to civilian life, The American Legion offered numerous suggestions to improve the process. Davy Leghorn, assistant director of The American Legion's National Veterans Employment and Education Division, presented testimony on behal... more

VA Redeems Itself in West LA


The Department of Veterans Affairs announced on Jan. 28 that it has struck a deal with plaintiffs' attorneys to turn its West Los Angeles VA campus into a facility that truly serves veterans, especially those who are homeless, severely disabled or elderly. The agreement states that VA and the attorneys "intend to work together as partners, in c... more

Overview of VA Pensions

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Low-income wartime Veterans may qualify for pension if they meet certain service, income and net worth limits set by law; are age 65 or older, permanently and totally disabled, a patient in a nursing home receiving skilled nursing care, receiving Social Security Disability Insurance, or receiving Supplemental Security Income. Generally, a Vetera... more

Miller Faults VBA 'Retaliatory' Tactics vs. Legion

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Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., pulled no punches in a Feb. 14 letter sent to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Eric Shinseki. He accused the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) of obstructing the work of an American Legion team of experts during its recent visit to the Seattle VA Regional Office. The Jan. 21-24 visit was part of the L... more

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