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  • ITT Technical Institute Canton, Michigan campus (Dwight Burdette via Wikipedia)
    VA Warns Students ITT May Go 'Out of Business'|
    The VA is warning veterans enrolled at ITT Tech to brace for the possibility the for-profit college "goes out of business."
  • Soldiers taking the Spartan Pledge together
    Taking the Spartan Pledge Against Suicide|
    The Spartan Pledge is a commitment among veterans to stand for their fellow service members and veterans in times of despair.
  • Soldiers "stand up for life"
    Suicide Prevention: Just Be There|
    Want to support veterans and service members when it comes to suicide prevention? Just be there.
  • Green house in hands.
    The VA Loan Landlord
    Grant Moon
    You've built up equity and might be thinking of downsizing, but you have to decide: sell your current property or rent it out?
  • VA Provides Service Dog Benefits
    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has announced that it is piloting a protocol to implement veterinary health benefits fo...
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