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John Shields: Sedition
John Shields: Sedition


About the Author

A native of Indiana, John Shields' career includes work in education, business and industry, management consulting. He is also a published writer / photographer and lecturer.

As a professor and head basketball coach at Purdue University Calumet in the late 1960's, Shields' office was located in the Armory of the Indiana Army National Guard 376th Engineering Company. For six years, in addition to his teaching and coaching duties, Shields worked closely with Army National Guard personnel.

Later, Shields was appointed Dean of Admissions at Culver Military Academy. During his Culver tenure, Shields worked closely with many active and retired military personnel from all branches of service. He became involved with Culver's JROTC program and was associated with military personnel from the U.S. Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force, along with military officers representing various foreign services.

While at Culver, Shields spent time at the United States Naval Academy, the United States Air Force Academy and the Citadel. 

Later, his son was in his final Para Rescue training phase at Kirtland AFB when he suffered a career-ending fractured leg. He also has a nephew who graduated from the Canadian Military Academy and is now a Captain in the Canadian Army.

Shields has a unique prospective of the military, having worked as a civilian hand-in-glove with military people most of his working life.

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July 14, 2005

[Have an opinion on a John Shields column? Sound off in the Discussion Boards.]

Sedition is a word that evokes an emotional response in almost everyone.

Sedition is defined as a resistance to, or insurrection against, lawful authority. People who commit sedition arouse strong feelings for a cause that is contrary to public policy. People who commit sedition often use discourse or actions to incite turmoil at home and abroad thereby aiding the enemy.

The question to be pursued is: Is it a time in our history to at least consider indictments or prosecution of people who aid and abet our enemies?

Our warriors are now fighting a war, a war against a brutal enemy who will do almost anything to change our way of living. Those terrorists will take any action including roadside and suicide bombs, beheadings, even of their own people, plus the purposeful and selective killing of female Marines and other egregious acts to accomplish their objectives.

United States citizens were extremely loyal during all wars preceding Vietnam. Before Vietnam, people would think it was an overt act of treason to make statements that didn't support our troops on the field of battle. This attitude changed during the Vietnam era.

Vietnam veterans, especially those who were incarcerated in North Vietnam's "prisoner of war" facilities, and all American citizens should never forget what Jane Fonda did to help the enemy. 

Jane Fonda, without question, committed acts of sedition and she should have been sent to prison for her words and actions against this country and our fighting men. Yet, she returned from North Vietnam and no legal action was taken and has never been taken against her for her acts of treason. This is incredible because her criminal actions directly caused the torture and death of American troops!

My neighbor, U.S. Army (ret), earned a Bronze Star, Silver Star and a Purple Heart while serving in Vietnam. He related a story about how he and his uniform were personally ridiculed in an Oakland CA. incident by Jane Fonda upon his return from active duty. Fonda said, "It's a disgrace to wear that uniform" and that he was a "baby killer."

Liberals will contend that the views in this opinion piece are from a radical, neo-conservative but they're not. I consider myself a nationalist who puts the interests of America and our citizens ahead of everything else.

It seems that the vast majority of Americans have already forgotten about the despicable acts committed against our citizens and citizens of other countries in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and on the airplane that crashed in Pennsylvania. Even web sites contend that the United States' attitude toward the world contributed to this act of terror and that we need to be more kind and considerate for the depressed people in the world and in doing so, the world will become more peaceful ... BALONEY!

Recently Richard Durbin (D-IL.) made remarks about the "Gitmo" prison (Guantanamo Bay Cuba) and compared that institution, occupied by enemy combatants who want to kill us, to Nazi's concentration camp and the treatment of people of the Jewish faith. He also likened "Gitmo" to Stalin's treatment of his citizens. These remarks are totally irresponsible and an act of sedition.

Durbin's statements are an act of sedition because they are now being used against our troops since Al-Jazeera is using his words on a daily basis as part of their TV broadcasts. These statements incite hostile feelings among Muslims that encourage more terrorists, and subjects our soldiers along with our allies and innocent civilians to greater jeopardy.

I firmly believe in the right to voice one's opinion and to debate issues in the right forum. However, it's totally off limits for leaders, especially people elected to government office, to make public, overt and often times incorrect statements that help the enemy. Richard Durbin should be expelled from congress and charged with sedition.

Our troops, along with our allies, are working as hard as they can and making great sacrifices under horrendous conditions to bring peace to the Mideast. They risk their lives everyday to bring security to citizens of this great country and for other people around the world. As a result, they don't need people like Richard Durbin spreading vile and untrue comments that will only support the views of a brutal enemy.

When the next elections take place, I trust that the citizens of Illinois will oust Durbin. I also think it's time that we begin to consider acts of sedition as treason and perhaps start prosecution proceedings against people who overtly aid and abet our enemies.

2005 John Shields. All opinions expressed in this article are the author's and do not necessarily reflect those of Military.com.



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