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Christopher Michel: Archives

September 09, 2006: CIA: Beyond a New Career

September 09, 2006: The Veteran Entrepreneur

August 22, 2006: The Education Gap

June 01, 2006: Semper Paratus

May 26, 2006: Benefits Changes: A Checklist

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January 23, 2006: Mil Spouse: Full Speed Ahead

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January 09, 2006: Match the Hatch

September 29, 2005: VA Loans 101

August 08, 2005: Who Dares Wins!

July 08, 2005: Getting Things Done

June 21, 2005: Troopers as Photojournalists

May 16, 2005: Career Transition

April 22, 2005: Blogs of War

April 12, 2005: Mentoring Matters

February 07, 2005: Shoulders of Giants

January 04, 2005: GI Bill Primer

November 12, 2004: Supporting Our Own

October 12, 2004: A Blueprint for Winning the War for Talent

August 03, 2004: "Space Available" Travel

July 05, 2004: Your Security Clearance - A Perishable Asset

June 04, 2004: Cool Tech

May 04, 2004: General Manager 2.0

April 15, 2004: The Perception of Performance

March 09, 2004: Charting Your Course -- Graduate Schools Want You

February 07, 2004: New Act Supports Deployed Personnel

January 06, 2004: Make Networking Work for You

April 09, 2003: Boarded-Up Military Recruiting Center Sends Wrong Message

November 06, 2002: Leave No One Behind

About Christopher Michel

Chris Michel is Founder and Chairman of Military Advantage, the nation's largest military and veteran membership organization. Prior to founding Military Advantage, Chris was a strategy consultant assisting companies in the airline, entertainment, and financial services industries.

Chris also served as a Naval Flight Officer in the United States Navy. While on active duty, Chris flew as a P-3 Navigator, Tactical Coordinator and Mission Commander in support of maritime interdiction operations in the Red Sea, NATO enforcement operations in the Adriatic, and counter-narcotics missions in Central America. Following his operational tour, Chris worked in the Pentagon as Aide to the Chief of the Naval Reserve.

Chris earned his commission from the NROTC program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he was named a Distinguished Naval Graduate. He also holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

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