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John Weisman: Archives

July 17, 2007: Your Tax Dollars at Work

May 08, 2007: On Tenet's Watch

January 09, 2007: Changes in Latitude and Attitude

November 20, 2006: Damn the Qualifications

September 25, 2006: Another Bad Idea From Capitol Hill

August 11, 2006: Tip of the Iceberg

July 18, 2006: Conspiracy Theory

April 11, 2006: Tehran's Unfriendly Skies

March 02, 2006: Homeland Security Spending

February 13, 2006: The Camel Congress Built

February 03, 2006: JAG Officers in the Way

June 21, 2005: John Weisman's Direct Action

May 19, 2004: A Photo-Analysis

May 10, 2004: Worst is to Come

March 12, 2004: Letter to Kerry

February 10, 2004: Intel Failure?

February 10, 2004: John Weisman: Intelligence Failure?

November 21, 2003: John Weisman: True Leadership

November 06, 2003: John Weisman: Memo To Army Chief Of Staff Pete Schoomaker

June 10, 2003: Gold Gone to Waste

April 15, 2003: John Weisman: Tehran or Damascus?

About John Weisman

John Weisman is among the select company of writers to appear on both New York Times fiction and nonfiction bestseller lists. His acclaimed CIA short stories have twice been selected for Best American Mystery Stories. A former journalist, he has worked in more than three dozen countries. His latest book, the covert war thriller Direct Action, is now an Avon paperback. His previous bestsellers Jack in the Box, which Pulitzer Prize winning author Seymour M. Hersh called "The insider's insider spy novel" and SOAR are also available as Avon paperbacks. Readers can reach him at blackops@johnweisman.com or through his website, http://www.johnweisman.com.

Direct Action
Direct Action
Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box
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