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Michael Archer: Archives

July 23, 2010: Air Tanker Contractor Looking for a Few Good Vets

June 23, 2010: Exciting Job for Vets With Specialized Skills, Part 3

May 18, 2010: Exciting Job for Vets With Specialized Skills, Part 2

April 30, 2010: Exciting Job for Vets With Specialized Skills

March 25, 2010: Vets Battling Blazes Pt. III

February 24, 2010: USFS -- Vets Battle Blazes, Part 2

January 04, 2010: USFS -- Vets Battle Blazes Nationwide

November 20, 2009: SBCoFD: No Boring Desk Job

November 02, 2009: Firefighting Not Easy, Good Challenge for Vets

September 24, 2009: CAL FIRE Looking for a Few Good Vets

August 28, 2009: Vets Wanted to Train at OC Firefighting Academy

July 28, 2009: Firefighting Opportunities in the OC

June 26, 2009: Fire Departments Want and Need Vets

May 29, 2009: Fire Academy Seeks Vets as Cadets

May 04, 2009: The SBRETC Training the Best Firefighters

March 27, 2009: HELI-EXPO

February 27, 2009: A Fire Academy that Makes House Calls

January 30, 2009: Military Connection to Firefighting

December 18, 2008: Vets in Demand for Seasonal Firefighting

November 21, 2008: Military Training Helpful for SDFD Air Ops

October 31, 2008: Training First Line of Defense for Firefighters

September 25, 2008: Veterans Succeed at LACOFD Academy

August 27, 2008: A Fire Academy for Employed Veterans

July 16, 2008: LAFD Academy : Train Like Your Life Depends on It

June 25, 2008: Verdugo Fire Academy: Your Ticket to the Big Leagues

May 22, 2008: Getting Into the Mt. SAC Fire Academy

April 25, 2008: Getting Into the San Diego Fire Academy

March 26, 2008: Train to be a Firefighter at Rio Hondo Fire Academy

February 27, 2008: Military Technology Fighting Fires

January 15, 2008: LACOFD Air Ops Turns 50!

January 15, 2008: LACOFD Air Ops Turns 50!

December 15, 2007: Soldiers in the Fire Service

November 16, 2007: Sailors in the Fire Service

October 11, 2007: Airmen in the Fire Service

September 14, 2007: Marines in the Fire Service

August 17, 2007: Getting Fit for Firefighting

July 10, 2007: Important 'Points' to Consider: LAFD Air Ops

June 18, 2007: Important Points to Consider: LACoFD Air Ops

May 07, 2007: Important 'Points' to Consider: LACoFD

April 13, 2007: Important 'Points' to Consider: LAFD

March 12, 2007: Important 'Points' to Consider

February 22, 2007: Hearts of Fire

About Michael Archer

Michael Archer is a wildfire consultant and writer. He has written articles for Home and Fire Magazine, Wildland Firefighter Magazine, and other publications, lectured to many groups about fire issues, been quoted by Associated Press and USAToday reporters, and also appeared on cable and network TV discussing wildfire issues. Currently, he is acting as webmaster and technical consultant to Wildfire Research Network (www.wildfireresearch.org), a Los Angeles-based citizens' action group that promotes firefighting issues involving the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI).

His "Firebombers Incorporated" series of novels gives readers an intriguing "what-if" scenario on how 21st century technology could modernize the wildland firefighting force. His novel "Firestorm," received excellent reviews from Writers Digest, The Nashville News, The VVA Veteran (Vietnam Veterans of America's magazine) and firefighting professionals across the United States. His company, Firebomber Publications, donates 50 percent of net profits to organizations that support the families of injured and fallen firefighters.

You can visit his website at: www.firebomberpublications.com

Firestorm can be purchased at Amazon.com

Comments can be sent to: marcher47@firebomberpublications.com
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