These Are the Commissary's New In-House 'Generic' Brands


Remember how the commissary is launching a new private label in-house brand, also known as a "generic?"

You've seen and purchased generic brands at stores before. Brands like Walmart's "Great Value" or Safeway/Carr's "Organic 360" are generics. Other stores are less fancy with their generic titles. At Kroger, for example, you have the .... wait for it ... "Kroger" brand. 

Early this month the commissary announced the names and logos for their in-stores brands. To come up with these they surveyed hundreds of shoppers, officials said in a release, and "conducted extensive research." 

They are ... (drum roll please) ... 

Freedom's Choice


and ... 



HomeBase will be used for non-food products like paper goods and household items, they said, and Freedom's Choice will be food items.

The use of a generic brand in the store is part of the larger plan that allows the commissary to no longer sell goods at cost (plus that 5 percent surcharge that is technically not a tax but definitely feels like one). Instead they can sell items at a price point that allows them to turn a profit. 

About 400 items using these brands will be in commissaries by May, with 1,000 more by the end of the year, according to a press release.

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