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Life as a military spouse can be both incredibly inspiring and exhausting.

We are honored to serve our country and support our military family, but we also know that doing so comes with a parade of challenges, questions and sometimes heartache. We are experts at "goodbye" and "welcome home." We know the pain brought by moving away from good friends, and the joy that comes when you are stationed with them again. We know how to decorate a house with curtains that don't quite fit the windows. And we know not only how to be resilient in the face of incredible stress, but also the value of asking for help.

At, we know that understanding military life means keeping track of the tips, tricks and important changes along the way. Written by military and veteran spouses for military and veteran spouses,'s military life section doesn't just have the military spouse basics, it has everything you need to know.

You can learn about military spouse and family benefits, including information about Tricare, dental coverage and military pay.

Our military spouse employment overview and section include advice on not just getting and keeping a job as a military spouse, but also growing a career.

If you're tackling a permanent change of station (PCS) move, you need to read our military spouse and family moves overview to make sure you are headed in the right direction.

Looking to go back to school? The Defense Department offers help to military spouses -- but only if you know where to look. Check out our military spouse education overview for more.

Dealing with deployment or homecoming? The military family deployment overview can help you navigate those challenges.

Military life virtually guarantees that you'll face relationship challenges. Fortunately, there's help for that, too. The military family life overview offers more.

Need financial help?'s pay section offers a military pay calculator, advice and information on all military paycheck issues, from the day your service member joins through the day he or she gets out or retires.

No matter where you're headed in military life,'s news and resources can help you get there. From pay and benefits to VA home loans, has you covered.

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