Small Price Increase to Hit Armed Forces Vacation Club


If you've ever used the Armed Forces Vacation Club you know what a fabulous tool it can be for scoring an affordable vacation. Now officials have announced an Armed Forces Vacation Club price increase for their week-long rentals that is small but still noteworthy. 

Armed Forces Vacation Club (AFVC) is not owned by the Defense Department. Instead, it's a private company operated by Wydham Worldwide and endorsed by the military services and the DoD. That means you're likely to find information at the base ticket and travel office.

Although they offer a variety of booking types, their best value is through their Space-A bookings, which hook eligible users up with off-season or last minute reservations at resorts around the world. My family, for example, has used it three times to go to two different resorts in Florida for a week at a time in the winter or early spring. 

In the past, all of their one-week Space-A bookings were the same price: $349. Now AFVC is raising that price by $10 to $359. 

The price increase hits for all bookings made after Jan. 31, officials said in an announcement emailed to users. 

"We always do our best to keep vacation costs as low as possible for our members, and have kept prices steady for the last seven years," they wrote. "However, investments in upgraded technology and services to better serve you have made this change necessary."

Membership with AFVC is free and open to active duty, Guard, Reserve and retired service members or adult dependents, foreign exchange service member on permanent duty with the Department of Defense, civilian employee of the DoD (appropriated, non-appropriated, or retired) or their adult dependents and American Red Cross personnel serving overseas with the U.S. military, DoD Dependent School teacher or an adult dependent, according to the AFVC website.

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