Here's How to Move Tricare Regions After a PCS


There's a lot of drama with a PCS move. Tricare officials want switching regions and doctors to not be one of them.

That's why their putting a new focus on the how-to for Tricare Prime users of switching regions or, if you're staying in the same region, military treatment areas. Using a program their calling "Moving Made Easy," officials say the process of getting everything moved over should be simple.

Those who have been in the military for awhile will remember switching Tricare regions or areas as part of in-processing at their new base. Hitting up the Tricare office on base was part of the in-processing check list. Since 2014 when those offices went the way to Dodo Bird, getting moved has required a phone call, not a visit.

Officials previously advised users to call their new contractor before their move. Now they are suggesting that they call after, instead, to help streamline the process. Users don't need any kind of orders or any documentation to get switched. They just need an address in their new region (and need to update it in DEERS). Easy-peasy, they say.

If they really want to, Tricare officials said, active duty families can still call and switch regions before their actual move. If you do choose to start the process prior to moving, you should call your current contractor. They will send your information to the new folks, and the new folks will follow-up with you to make sure you get a primary care manager (PCM).

If life is a little more complicated for you because your family has special needs and uses ECHO, officials said, "your current contractor will notify your new contractor of all civilian care, establish a new case manager or point of contact and coordinate all transfer requests. Your current contractor will also provide ECHO eligibility and get clinical information from your providers. They will also share your EFMP enrollment, cap amounts paid and current authorizations."

Officials said if you're moving areas but not regions, you can simply give your current regional contractor a call to update your PCM to your new area.

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