Commissary to Keep Online Shopping Indefinitely


An online shopping and curbside pickup pilot program operated at three commissaries stateside, originally set to end in 2014, is still going strong with no end date in sight, officials said.

"DeCA's CLICK2GO online ordering and curbside pickup initiative will continue at the three original locations ... until further notice," said Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) spokesman Kevin Robinson.

The program, which lets commissary patrons shop for groceries via Commissaries.com and then pick them up at designated areas outside a commissary store, is only available at Fort Lee, Virginia (DeCA's headquarters), Travis Air Force Base, California and Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska.

Here's how the Click2Go system works. 

When I checked on the status of the pilot in early 2015, commissary officials said they were going to keep the program going in a "effort to validate how we deliver online ordering/curbside pickup and improve customer service."

Now, over one year later, they still have no plans to stop the pilot -- or expand it.

"CLICK2GO continues to meet all established performance measures as agency officials continue to review the progress of the initiative. At this time, a decision to expand CLICK2GO has not been made," Robinson said.

Back in 2013 there was speculation that, if and when the program rolled-out to other bases, the currently free service would come with a charge. But instituting that fee could require lawmakers to allow the change, and we've all heard how testy things are these days between Congress and DeCA. Better to leave it alone? Probably.

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