How Do You Make Money From Blogging?


How DO you make money from blogging, Military Spouse? How do you make coin when you are moving all the time? How do you know whether your good idea is a business… or just a really nice hobby?

Those are some good questions -- for all of us who are trying to have a career and a military marriage, too. The trouble is that we rarely get a straight answers no matter what kind of business we are trying to start. Mostly we get vague advice to believe in ourselves and network like crazy and blog, blog, blog away.

Does this ever work for anybody? Does this ever work for any military spouse?

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.38 PM Not in the way you think. That’s why we invited ArmyWife101’s Krystel Spell to speak at Military.com’s The Spouse Experience at Ft. Bragg October 30.

Krystel has managed to use her very successful lifestyle blog ArmyWife 101 to jump into media, marketing and retail.

In her lightning talk (no Powerpoint!!), Krystel is going to share exactly where the money comes from, how she works around TDYs and deployments, and the one business move she wishes she never made.

Making money from your blog or home business is just one quick segment in the event we call SpouseX. Expect a lot of motivating, energizing, meet-someone-just-like-you segments that focus on your love life, your friendships, your money, your career, your kids and your community.

Just for fun, we will also be giving away a couple of iPads, many gift cards and, as a bonus to the first 50 people to walk in the door, a free copy of that marvelous new book Stories Around the Table featuring many of our SpouseBuzz contributors.

There are a few seats left at this event. It’s free but you gotta sign up right here.

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