Poll: How Has the Military Helped YOU Transition?


We've heard it over and over again from Defense Department leadership: the military is drawing down. Servicemembers will be transitioning out. Cuts to personnel are coming. Some reenlistments won't be permitted. Some officers will be handed pink slips.

The idea of getting out of the military can be scary for everyone involved. We've come to rely on the stability of the deployment tempo, the community support, the programs and services the military offers. Like some sort of internal clock, every two years - ding! - I know it's time to move. The idea of giving up the life I've come to love is very unsettling.

And then there's the paycheck. While watching layoffs sweep the civilian sector the stability of that paycheck has helped me feel safe. Shutdowns and obnoxious (and totally unacceptable) behavior from Congress notwithstanding, the military has been a very reliable gig, at the very least.

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DoD leaders have packed the schedules of ETSing servicemembers with transition classes. Here at Fort Campbell Soldiers are required to attend transition class after class starting 36 months before their ETS date (although many don't start until six months out). They want to make sure these folks are prepped for success in the civilian world. And since this is the military, death by PowerPoint is the best way to make that happen.

But what about the spouses?

That's where you come in.  We want to hear your stories. If you're preparing to leave the military, we want to hear what YOU have found helpful. We want to hear what the military has offered YOU in terms of help and transition support aimed at YOU the spouse.

So take our poll to the right of the screen and tell us very simply -- have you found transition support specifically at spouses? And then tell us more about it in the comments below. Exactly how did that help look? Was it helpful?

Take our poll and then share your story with us:



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