27 Ways to Beat Stress and Win Calm

Have you ever had one of those days where you just felt like screaming? As if smashing something big and fragile and expensive against the tiled floor would make your frustrations disappear? Maybe it was the time your servicemember deployed and everything that could go wrong did. Maybe it was the PCS from hell that just kept on giving weeks later.

Whatever the situation, one thing is clear -- military life can produce an abundance of stress. Thankfully, there are equally abundant ways to manage it.

How do you manage the stressful moments in your life?

Experts say what you do to calm your mind during such moments can make all the difference and even determine the outcome of any situation, and there are numerous self-help resources and military programs in place to help you do just that.

However, unless you’ve practiced these tips for a while (or memorized them), most people aren’t likely to go searching through a pamphlet (for advice) during the height of a stressful moment.

That’s where a stay-in-the-moment list comes in -- a rundown of reminders of what to do in extremely stressful moments. Do you have one? Does it need refreshing?

Here are 27 examples to get you started. Add to it, print it out and put one in your purse, wallet, on your fridge, mirror or computer … any place where it’s visible and easily accessible.

27 Ways to Stay in Calm During Major Stress

Actively listen to my body in this moment.

Deliberately do one thing at a time.

Lovingly release negative self-talk as it emerges.

Take a bath, meditate or go for a soothing walk.

Make it through this moment and this day.

Be present and attentive to the now.

Cry for as long as I need to and then let go.

Find something in my situation to laugh at.

Focus on my senses for 5 minutes.

Visualize positive outcomes for 10 minutes.

Be honest with myself and then forgive my shortcomings.

Ask for help if I need it.

Turn off the television and technology, and just breathe.

Find a quiet place and listen to the silence.

Take 10 deep, long rhythmic breathes.

Be still and know that I will not lose who I am.

Remember in my heart that I’ll never lose what I know to be true.

Figure out what I want and ask for it.

Say nice things to myself.

Repeat positive affirmations in the mirror.

Say no if I need to.

Find my flow and follow it.

Face my emotions and just be there.

Eat mindfully.

Find things that I’m grateful for.

Clean, exercise, listen to music ...  whatever feels good.

Be my wonderful, open, beautiful, courageous, funny, amazing self.


What would you add to this list? What other advice do you have for MilSos or service members who are having a crummy day?

For more tips on being in the moment also visit: http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200810/the-art-now-six-steps-living-in-the-moment or http://www.rd.com/slideshows/10-steps-to-mindfulness/#slideshow=slide11.



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