Oprah’s Life Class Saved My Military Marriage


My husband and I reached that point where we were tired and worn down by the military lifestyle. We had let it affect the bond we had,.  Communication between us fizzled away. My husband’s commitment to the mission left me feeling second best.

In attempt to fix my marriage, I went to the internet -- just like I do for everything else. I came across a Facebook post calling for military spouses to be on Oprah’s Life Class. I wasn’t sure what the show was going to be about, but I spilled my guts anyways. Honestly, I didn’t think anything would come from it.

Then the producers for Oprah called me and wanted to hear my story. What?! They wanted to hear my story? The one I wrote partly out of frustration and partly loneliness? Whatever I wrote (and didn’t remember I wrote) must have been good.

They thought the expert, which I later found out was Dr. Gary Chapman of the The 5 Love Languages, could help me and my situation.  I was desperately wanting help, so of course I would take the opportunity.  The fact that I would potentially get to talk to Oprah made it even better.

It was a great experience for me as I love Oprah and what she stands for (she is my She-ro). We also got to find out Oprah’s love language, but I will leave that for the airing of the show sometime in March.

Being a part of the show shed light on my marriage and how we were relating and not relating to each other. A light bulb went off for both of us. What we found out was that our marriage could be fixed. Dr. Chapman stated that even though he knows the life of a military family is hard, there is much potential for success. These words of encouragement were what I needed.

I have to say I really commend Oprah for all she does especially with military families. She recognizes that our lives are hard, as she addressed it on the show as well. It was an exciting experience for me in the midst of everyday hardships I experience as a military spouse.

It couldn’t have come a better time, as I was desperately looking for it. I am grateful for my family and the life the military has provided for us, but it was nice to know that I do matter when often it seems that I don’t.


Amber Turner is an Air Force spouse currently stationed in New York State.  Amber told SpouseBuzz,  “I am a 26 years old and a mother of two, who tries to find balance in life as a military spouse, a mother, and everything in between while staying fit and healthy. I have always been affiliated with the military in some degree but still have so much to learn about this life as a military spouse. You can read more about my journey at www.HippyFitMom.com.”

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