Poll: Would you Commissary Shop Online?

The commissary is considering a bunch of shopping upgrades, including letting people buy groceries online with curbside pick-up, as well as creating an app that would allow you to real-time price compare with other stores, according to this story on Military.com.

Order online? Curbside pick-up? I don’t have to get out of my car?!

Commissary for the win!

While commissary home delivery would be far and away more fabulous, commissary officials have told us such a service is unlikely thanks to cost limitations. So we can give up hope on that for now.

But what about this curb side pick-up thing? As someone who has never ordered groceries online, I don’t know how comfortable I would be about doing so for my weekly trip. But I can definitely see myself using such a service for those days I realize, yet again, that ohmygosh I forgot to buy chicken for the chicken dinner I’m serving.

It happens.

The online ordering thing should be in place, at least at pilot locations, by next spring, commissary officials said. According to the story:

DeCA is "working vigorously" on this, he said. It already has tested the concept successfully with sandwich orders at the Fort Lee commissary. It also has tested pre-ordering and pre-payment processes using its Guard and Reserve onsite sales program which bring limited commissary orders to drill units in more remote states like Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota.

The online order concept will be more fully tested next spring, again at Fort Lee but also at one or two other locations. If successful, it could become worldwide by fall next year. Online orders will be Monday through Friday only, Jeu said, when it makes the most sense for working families.

The other changes, such as the price comparison app and an idea to change some commissary stores to Costco and Sams Club warehouse, will take even longer to pilot. You can look for those within a year or so.

I think this all sounds fabulous, although I’m skeptical about the roll out timeline given the extra year it took for them to deliver on the commissary coupon card.

Tell us – would YOU use a online ordering/curbside delivery option? Take our poll and check out the results below.



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