What Is Special Forces Really Like?


Sarah’s husband leaves soon for the Army’s Special Forces Selection and Assessment.  After two years of Army life, Sarah knows that the gloom-doom-don’t-complain message from the recruiter is only one part of the story.  Now Sarah is asking for the spouse side of the story:

I feel like this might be a complete upheaval of everything I just got used to.  How often do they deploy?  How different from the "regular" Army is it?  Do they really keep a bag packed at all times in case they need to leave overnight?  I am excited for the adventure but I really don't have much information on what to expect!
Knowing what to expect ahead of time really does help spouses cope with the reality of military life. Can you help Sarah figure out what she really needs to know about life with someone at the beginning of a career in Special Forces?  What is the one thing you think she needs to keep in mind?
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