Top Ten Homecoming Don’ts

We all know our own, personal list of "to-do's" for a military homecoming (take day off work, get hair done, create vacuum tracks, find cutie clothes for kids,  lose 20 pounds, ditch three gallon tub of Rocky Road from freezer, dodge calls from MIL).

But do we know our list of Homecoming Don'ts?  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Don’t assume you know what Homecoming elements your service member has been dreaming of.  Ask so no one will be, well, surprised.
  2. Don’t think of Homecoming as a deadline.  Think of Homecoming like a due date – you never really know what day it will get here.
  3. Don’t wear “club clothes.”  It’s 10 a.m.
  4. Don’t bring your fur baby -- even if Mr. Wubbles fits in your handbag..
  5. Don’t make Homecoming an extended family reunion -- in-laws may attend only if they take the kids and/or leave by nightfall.
  6. Don’t go for a Brazilian wax the day before (allow 3- 5 days).
  7. Don’t trample your own offspring. Let the kids go first!
  8. Don’t write an X-rated banner for the front gate.  Keep it for the bedroom mirror.
  9. Don’t get so excited that you get hit by the bus (It happens).
  10. Don’t fly into the arms of a stranger.  Bring your glasses and make sure this guy really belongs to you.
At SpouseBuzz LIVE in Twentynine Palms, CA, military spouses use crowd wisdom to put together their Top Ten Lists.  This dynamic group included Kathleen Tomich, Luz Maria Orozco, Carrie Johnson, Alexandria VanSteeter, Val Clover, Amy Slaftery, Janet Arana, and Chrissy Wilmott. Show Full Article

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