“Enlisted Military” Third Worst Job in America


A jobs website has proclaimed “enlisted military personnel” the third worst job in America, beating out other "distasteful" professions such as “dishwasher” and “butcher” for the top spot.

And they couldn’t be more wrong.

Researchers based the worst job rankings on a scoring system that takes into account factors such as job danger, environment, physical demands, stress, potential for promotion and salary. I think it’s safe to say that no military job – enlisted or officer – is going to score particularly well in any of those categories. Even “Military General” made the list’s top 60. And while the overall “military officer” profession was not considered, I think it’s safe to assume that it, too, would’ve made their top 200.

But here’s the problem: the rankings are based on scoring, not on interviews. And most of the things that give a job a bad score are things that my servicemember, at least, actually loves about his job. In fact, they are even things that he  would make requirements for his top 10 best possible jobs.

For example: the danger and stress give him an adrenaline rush. The travel lets him see the world. And the physical demands make him feel like he is doing something worthwhile.

Check out what the site considers the best:

1. Software Engineer 2. Actuary 3. Human Resources Manager 4. Dental Hygienist 5. Financial Planner 6. Audiologist 7. Occupational Therapist 8. Online Advertising Manager 9. Computer Systems Analyst 10.  Mathematician

Can you imagine your servicemember spouse, particularly if he is in a physically demanding position, enjoying ANY of these “top 10 best” professions (with the exception of those who are also dealing with human resources command or those who happen to be in the military medical fields)?  Mathematician?! Yikes!

From CareerCast.com’s publisher Tony Lee:

“The top-rated jobs have few physical demands, minimal stress, a good working environment and a strong hiring outlook. Conversely, Lumberjacks and Dairy Farmers, two of the worst jobs in the nation, work in physically demanding, precarious, low-paying professions with a weak hiring outlook.”
Sure, not every lumberjack, dairy farmer or enlisted serivcemember is going to be happy with what he is doing – and most will have things they wish would change (just as mathematicians surely must). But a good percentage of servicemembers stay in the military because it’s something they love – not because they are stuck in the third worst job in America. Show Full Article

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