Army Wives Highlights Gay MilSpouses


If you didn’t see last week’s episode of "Army Wives,"  you missed a first in the show’s history. The plot revealed that Charlie, a female civilian employee of Fort Marshall’s Youth Activity Services, is in a romantic relationship with a female soldier. This week the show took the topic further by showing the reunion of the female soldier and her girlfriend, including an on onscreen kiss.  It’s no coincidence that in its first season since the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT), the show is featuring its first gay military couple.

I, for one, applaud "Army Wives" for working gay spouses/significant others into the plot.

Whether or not you supported with the repeal of DADT, it happened. As time goes on, more and more gay service members will come out of the closet. This also means that more gay spouses and significant others will be officially joining our ranks.

Say what you will about the realism of most Army Wives plots, but this is one time the show has touched on an issue that is becoming more and more pertinent to the military spouse community.

Maybe I am giving the show too much credit, but it may be able to help make the transition for gay military spouses easier. "Army Wives" has a big following in the military spouse community. And perhaps making MilSpouse viewers aware of the unique issues facing gay military spouses will help foster understanding and acceptance within the community -- potentially making the post-DADT transition easier, at least for spouses.

What do you think about the presence of gay military couples on Army Wives? Do you agree that the show is doing the military spouse community a service by featuring gay service members and significant others?

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