Kate: “A Princess On Her Own”


Did you hear the sad news? Kate Middleton is a “princess on her own” doing horrible, shocking sounding things like going out in public solo and taking of the Royal Puppy all. by. herself. What, you must be asking, has brought fair young Kate to this new, horrible low?

Her husband is away - away! - for a six weeks of  military duty in the Falkland Islands. Oh! Oh! What is a princess to do?!

I’m so glad this week’s issue of People Magazine came into my life as I was standing in line at Walmart yesterday, or I never would’ve had such a great laugh. We’ve all shook our heads in wonder before at the shock with which the tabloid and celebrity press views the impact of military service on the royal couple’s marital bliss. But it really can’t hurt to laugh about it again, can it?

Two key quotes from the article:

“Though not together, William, 29, and Kate can stay connected while he’s 7,500 miles away through Skype, cell phone or “e-bluey,” an e-mail communication delivered like an old-fashioned airmail letter. Like any other RAF wife, Kate’s shopping for one at the grocery store (she’s fond of chicken and vegetable) and looking after their puppy alone. But the newlyweds are keeping the love alive. William sent her a card and flowers on Valentines Day ...”
“With new reports that William may extend his RAF tour - due to end in 2013 - to focus on his private life before turning full-time to his more public duties, royal watchers wonder if that means there’ll be a pitter-patter in the palace sometime soon ... But with the Queen’s Jubilee celebration in June, the Olympics in July and August and a trip to Asia in the fall, fitting in a pregnancy might be tricky.”
My, oh my.

What made me giggle the most, though, was the way in which you can insert just about any military spouse and their military life "horrors" into the tabloid’s headlines and make your life sound just as shocking. Here's the cover:

Now for some fun. Let’s take me, for example. My husband (who we will call “Mark”) is TDY for training while I take care of our very active two-year-old, the world’s most obnoxious dog and get ready to have a baby any moment. Here it goes:

“With Mark Away Amy’s ... a Mommy On Her Own. Plus! The Latest Birthing Plans. Attending to her mommy duties -- and her annoying puppy! -- an exhausted Amy shines, proving she’s a natural in her MilSpouse role.”

OK, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it it, but you get the picture.

By the way, I'm in no way trying to make fun of Kate here -- I’m sure she finds this all just as goofy as we do (if she evens sees it ... and if I was her I would do my best not to). But let's send the folks over at People at note. Hello -- you guys are ridiculous.


Amy Bushatz is an Army spouse and mom of two. She is managing editor of SpouseBUZZ.com and an associate news editor for Military.com

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