MilSpouse Week on Wheel of Fortune


Fact: I am frequently accused of acting like an 85-year-old.

Another fact: This characterization is often correct.

Yet another fact: if acting like an 85-year-old means I can go to bed at 8:30 p.m. and watch Wheel of Fortune at will, I’m OK with the label.

And, if only for this week, you should embrace at least the Wheel of Fortune part, too. Here’s why:

It’s Military Spouse week on “Wheel!” That means ladies (and, presumably, some male spouses) just like you and I will up there cheering “big money!” and somehow missing the fact that Vanna’s hidden message is “Mount Rushmore,” when everyone at home is screaming the answer at their TVs.

Make sure to check it out. You can even see pictures of the spouse contestants at the bottom of this page.

Semi-unrelated fun fact: Pat Sajak has no objection to taking photos with super cool military spouses at D.C. social functions. Evidence? Your’s Truly and Pat at a dinner there last year:

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