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To be completely honest, the days leading up to our moving week were pretty stressful, and I seriously felt like I was losing my mind. I heard horror stories from fellow seasoned spouses about terrible moving companies breaking their stuff before they even left the house or being so rude that they had to call and request new movers right on the spot. For this PCS virgin, that alone was enough to keep me awake at night. To be fair, I also treasured all words of wisdom and advice I received, but I still had no idea what to expect.

With our OCONUS move we had three different packing/moving days with three separate moving companies, spanning over five days. Some people gasped at the amount of time and movers we had, and others had similar experiences. The first three days were for packing, loading, and moving our household goods; we then chose to store several things in America while we’re gone, so that tacked on an extra day (in reality it was only a few hours), and the final day (again, a few hours) was for packing our “unaccompanied baggage” that will hopefully get to our destination before our household goods.

Now that I’m on the other side of moving week, I know I was anxious for nothing. (Well, not nothing, but I didn’t need to worry as much as I did.) I took several videos of the moving process to help ease the minds of other PCS newbies. 

Day 1

(Fair warning, it's a bit long, but hopefully it's beneficial.)


(when I talk about the hangers in the closet, I'm referring to this post, just so you know!


Here's a short clip of day two:



And here's day three (the final day of moving our household goods):



I hope this helped some of you out there wondering what an OCONUS PCS is really like, or maybe it brought back memories for those of you who have gone through it before! As always, please know that this was just our experience and I have no idea if this was even a typical move.


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