So Long Goofy Looking Beret


The Army announced yesterday that starting soon Soldiers can wear the patrol cap (or, as I accidentally called it once, the “Army baseball cap thing”) instead of that goofy looking black beret.

Yes, I said “goofy looking.”

I vividly remember the first time I saw my husband wearing his beret. Specifically I remember trying not to laugh. While I knew very little about the Army at the time I felt one thing was for sure – the beret has no point.

Think about it this way: does it keep the sun out of their eyes? No. Is it easy to put on? No. Does it tend to look at little dirty and disheveled? Totally.  Surely I’m not the only Army spouse who feels this way.

But it seems someone out there heard my silent pleas for “hat” sanity. The patrol cap will be the cover of choice during normal duty hours as well as in the field and the black wool beret will go mostly bye-bye. Whew. This would’ve been done so much sooner if I ruled the world.

(My husband insists that “the beret looks good if it’s done right.” And that “wool farmers are going to be really upset about this.” Leave it to a guy who used to raise sheep to think of that).

There’s also another important change coming that will impact Army Spousedome. Rather than rely on Velcro, Soldiers will soon have the option of getting their nametapes and various other insignia sewn onto their uniforms.

Brace yourselves for sewing machine duty – or (as it will be in this house) being tasked with a trip to the alteration shop.

(Update: my husband has just informed me that since I insisted on buying a sewing machine last year an alteration shop will not be necessary. I disagree).

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