Too Much Facebook Love? No Way!


While reading a certain friend’s Facebook status yesterday the thought: “Spare us all and quit posting to Facebook every time you miss your husband” slipped through my mind. I quickly reminded myself that I had done the same thing and that it’s this woman’s prerogative to post whatever she wants (and mine to just not look at her page). Don’t lie: you’ve felt like that at least once, too.

Asformer airman Alexis Jovan Chervony reminds us in his new video that is going viral on Facebook as I write this, there could be someone else reading that woman’s status update: her husband! And posting her love where he can see it may just be what gets him through the day. Spouses should stick together, he says,  instead of complaining about Facebook.

From the video:

What I don’t get it, is that all of you women support your troops ... When a girl is updating her status talking about her man, she’s supporting her troop. ... So when you’re over here complaining about how annoying she is with her statuses talking about her man all the freaking time, she’s doing what has to do as a good fiance. If you’re bashing her for what she does on Facebook, you’re not supporting our troops. That’s the bottom line.
Watch the whole thing -- the good stuff is at the end of the video.

And a little alert – There’s some inappropriate language in a couple of places.



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