The Best Laid Plans

I must begin my very first post on SpouseBUZZ with an apology to Andi and also to our readers. I committed to you all that I would begin my contributions to this site after I returned from our U.S. and Caribbean vacation in mid-February. And in a perfect world, I would have gleefully leapt back across The Pond (we’re stationed in the U.K.), brushed the sand out of our suitcases the following day, and then jumped online to share my life with you the day after that.

Instead, we arrived home on February 19th, and I did not move from our sofa until March 20th. I sure wish that was an exaggeration. We’re looking to have our sofa re-stuffed to repair the permanent indention from my rear end.

My “vegetative” behavior was partly caused by our round-the-world-in-15-days excitement. However, nothing knocks a woman down like the first trimester of pregnancy. And now everyone who has ever been pregnant just went, “Ohh…that explains it!”

Back me up on this, moms. Have you ever been so tired in your whole life? I told my husband to imagine going without sleep for 72 hours straight. That’s what the first trimester feels like. Throw into the mix a 10-month-old baby (I know…we’re crazy) and a dog that runs away every time he smells fresh air, and you can probably understand my lack of energy to write. Or move.

But enough of the excuses, it’s time to get back to reality. I’m anxious to learn more about this community of amazing military spouses and to share with you a little slice of our Air Force life in England. And there’s just so much to share!

Fun fact:  Right now, less than one mile from our house (and throughout other parts of the UK), there are dedicated “Toad Patrols” manning the streets at all hours. These are brave men and women who stand in the middle of the road to assist these helpless amphibians on their journey to cross the road and find breeding ponds. Let me say that again. These volunteers stand next to a busy highway and help these migrating toads get to the other side safely. Now, I’m all for bravery and chivalry…but for a toad? I can’t say I’d stand in the middle of an English highway to assist one. But I’ve also seen how I drive.

Toad Patrollers beware! I recently hit a gas pump.

Don’t you just love that military life gives us so many opportunities to learn about new places and interesting people? Remind me to tell you the story about the restaurant near Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama where we ate our lunch on an ironing board.



PS – I’d love to hear your interesting stories about life in a place that is “foreign” to you.

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