What Military Men Want: We Write the List


From Shine, we learn what men really want. Click here to read the reasons, but below is the list:

1. A moratorium on drama

2. Sexy sex

3. Romance

4. Truth

5. Silence

6. Dinner

7. A sense of humor

8. A listener

9. Matrimony

10. An end to game-playing


Well, let's turn this on its head a bit, shall we? What's important to Military Men? I'll go first:

1. Acronym Expert. A woman who knows the difference between PMS and PCS and who, God forbid, never, ever combines the two....

2. Handy Woman. A woman whocan do all kinds of things with 550 cord.

3. Dirty Girl. Dust nor sand nor salt nor sweat shall bother my military gal. In fact, she prefers it.

3. A Quasi, Temporary Husband Swap: A woman who chooses a suitable "deployment husband."

Hummmm. What else?

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