You know your kids are mil-brats when:

  • your husband announces a field day and your 9-year-old knows that doesn't mean you're going outside to play games. Oh, no. She knows that dusting, vacuuming, and general cleaning will ensue. Which also means whining and complaining will also be heard. I was tempted to intervene when her room was being given the white-glove inspection (minus the white glove).
  • your child rolls her eyes at her aunt to correct her when she identifies an aircraft as a helicopter to her 2-year-old and informs her that, actually, it's an Osprey. She is 6 at the time.
  • you live overseas and your children (and you) are issued gas-masks.
  • they think it's normal to live in a neighborhood that can only be reached by entering a gate guarded by men and women carrying automatic weapons.
  • they refer to every grocery store as the Commissary.
  • they call everyone in cammies "Daddy" regardless of size, race or gender.
I know the list could go on and on. What are some things your kids have done or said that mark them as mil-brats?
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