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I'm back home  (yea!) after 10 days on the road, visiting my in-laws for the holidays.  I rented a car because my car may or may not be reliable for such a long trip.  During the 2150 miles I've driven the rental car, I noticed an interesting thing:  I missed my military stickers.  I didn't actual enter any military bases during my trip, so it wasn't I'm going to have to go into the pass office andget a temporary pass and this is a pain.  It was more along the lines of an imaginary conversation that I have with other cars:  Hey, you're military?  So are we.  Have a nice day!   Those stickers identify you as part of the club. 

One time, when passing a distressed vehicle on the side of a smallish road, I noticed the out-of-state plates and wondered if I should offer assistance.  I don't often stop to help people, but it was a mini-van with car seats, stuck on the side of a bridge on a busy road during the day.  It wasn't until I passed and saw the military stickers on the car that I knew for sure what I needed to do. They didn't need my help, but I'm glad I asked and hopefully they appreciated the offer.  We military folks need to look out for each other!  Plus, I'm sure I'm not the only person who has had a conversation based upon someone's stickers.  "Fort Nowhere?  When were you there?  Did you know Such-And-Such?  We were there right before you!"

I've heard that the Air Force is doing away with stickers altogether, and I understand some of the reasoning.  I hope the Navy doesn't follow along, because I think I'd feel lonely without those stickers.

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