But You're Right Here


I find myself in a frustrating situation this week. My husband, who is deployed, has come back to the States for some sort of training. He's here, in this country. In my deployment warped brain, this means that I should be able to talk to him, email, or generally make contact more easily than when he's far, far away.

Unfortunately, that isn't always true. Yes, he's here, but he's working. And he's jet-lagged. And he may or may not have a decent internet connection. And he can't call our home phone from his cell phone because the kids would see it on the caller ID and know that he's here.

I'm having a hard time not getting irritated by this. For goodness sake, you're only four hours away. I should be able to pick up the phone and talk to you. Or hop on the computer and find you online.

It is amazing how ones perception gets warped. I think a lot of it is due to the great communications that we have available to us, both during deployment and in general. The expectation of communication is so high now. Remember what life was like before cell phones? And the internet? I might not have even known that he was here in the States.

But I do know. And I'm cranky.

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