Happy Anniversary, Semper Fi fund!!!


May marked the 5th anniversary of the creation of the Injured Marine Semper Fi fund.Five years of supporting Marines, Sailors and their families as they go through recovery and rehabilitation. I've been a volunteer with the fund since June of 2006 and wrote this post awhile back.

In those five years, this is what the fund has accomplished.....

From the May Newsletter:

1. 13,500 grants issued, totaling more than $29 million.

2. 3,800 grants issued FY09 - to date, totaling more than $5.5 million.

3. 4,400 grants issued in FY08, totaling more than $10 million.

4. Programs, our mission averaged over 92% of total expenses.

5. More than 3000 servicemembers assisted.

6. 86% of grants were for servicemembers E-6 and below.

7. More than 100 regular volunteers across the globe.

8. IMSFF processes on average 25-30 grants each work day.

In addition to the accomplishments listed above, the fund commissioned the video "Cover Me" which talks about combat operational stress. It's a wonderful video with commentary from the Commandant, Gen. Mattis, Dr. Heidi Kraft, Sgt. Major Kent and many others. Check it out!!

Happy Anniversary, Injured Marine Semper Fi fund!!

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