Pillow Talk

Yesterday, after dragging my tired self home from Norfolk, I found some odd things in our bedroom. There on the bed sat two brand new king-sized pillows. Doesn't sound that odd, right? Pillows on a bed are pretty standard items. But they weren't our pillows, and my husband had just returned hours earlier from a TDY trip out of the country. It would be very unlikely that my husband would go pillow shopping on a whim anytime, let alone the minute he returned from a trip abroad.

So, I went in the living room to ask my husband about the pillows. 

Honey, what's with the pillows?

What pillows?

The ones that are on our bed but weren't on our bed when I left.

Oh, yeah - they're new. I got them from the hotel.

You lifted king-sized pillows from the hotel?

No, they gave them to me.

They give pillows to their guests?

Not exactly. It was a gift.

A gift?

Yes, for waking me up and moving me out of my room at 2:00 a.m.

Ah, I see. But pillows?

Yeah, no big deal, but they insisted on compensating me in some way and they offered me a free night's stay, but clearly I couldn't take that.

No, guess not.

Then they offered me a bottle of wine, and I said that doesn't help me much, either. Can't take wine on the flight back home. So we sat there for a moment and then I said, 'Hey, I really like your pillows.' The manager said, "Well, we'd like to give you two new pillows, then."

Only my husband can go TDY and come home with hotel pillows. He was awfully high on those pillows. When he came to bed last night, I was already in bed with my old pillow and he insisted that I try the new one. I hope they are new pillows because I gotta say, I like them, too.

I'm hoping next time he goes TDY, they wake him up and move him again. Maybe he'll come home with a new bed next time..... 

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