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I've tried this week - I really have.

The gym was a hard one this time - I only made it twice.  Monday I felt so good after my cardio that I punched out extra sets of walking lunges and power squats!

Tuesday, I was not able to walk down the stairs.  Much less work up a sweat. 

On Tuesday my leg muscles were so sore that I honestly had to slide down my stairs on my butt because I could not get my legs to bend.  At all.

I was able to work out again yesterday, and it was a good one.  Minus squats and lunges, of course.  I don't want to repeat that!  I'm still doing interval walking/running with some backwards time on the treadmill.  It is actually fun!

And true to form, my biggest problem remains... Food.  I love food.

Nikki had a great article up in July about multi-tasking a workout; you should check it out!  I'm all about getting the work done in half the time!  And she had a great butt exercise newsletter sent out this week, too!  If you haven't signed up for Nikki's newsletters, you should!  It's free and full of information and inspiration.  You can sign up at her website!

Now, here's how I stopped feeling sorry for myself with all those sore muscles... I looked at the pictures of Olympic injuries!  Oh my goodness, those had to hurt!  This link does take you to TMZ, and the comments are, well, something less than polite and classy.  You might want to skip those and just check out the photos - some of which are graphic.

So tell me, SpouseBUZZers, how is your fitness journey going this week?

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