Graduation and Beyond.


USNA Graduation 2008.  It was wonderful.

The stadium was filled with proud family and friends.  Most importantly, it was filled with over 1000 new members of our military family.  All of them volunteering to serve during time of war.

We had the Blue Angels fly-over.  Low.

Admiral Mullen gave the commencement speech.  He told the new Ensigns and 2nd Lts. to hold themselves to the standard their families and countrymen do.  Sage advice.

Degrees were conferred and the oaths were administered.  235 brand new 2nd Lts.  As career choices go, there was only one group with a larger number.  Naval Pilots.  247.

At last came the moment everyone associates with USNA graduation.  The cap toss.

After the official ceremony, came the less attended, unofficial one of pinning on the ensign boards or the 2nd Lt. bars.  Moms, dads, significant others and friends played their part in that one.

And the class of 2008, just like the classes who've graduated before them, began their separate journeys.  Block leave and then on to places like Quantico or Pensacola. 

Some will be married by the time they arrive at their first real duty station.  Spouses might be new to the military or be military brats used to our lifestyle.  You'll surely pass one in the commissary sometime soon.  The bright, shiny, brand new spouse starting the journey we're all on.  Give 'em a friendly smile when you do. 

Just as their servicemember has joined the military family, we now have new members in the spousehood.

Welcome aboard and Urrahh!!!

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