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If you missed our show with Nikki from Nikki Fitness last night, you really should go catch the archived version!

We had Nikki for the entire hour, and talked about the two new DVDs she has coming out (including one she promises will work that booty right off!), the ideas behind the Military Wife Workout, and some great tips for getting in shape starting now!  We also talked sports bras - from the horrors of a random bra accident, to double-bra support, and all about our penchant for camouflage - even in sports bras.

Did I mention how you guys keep me on track?  Because you do.  And I have a confession to make...

I skipped two workouts this week and I ate seven chocolate caramel cookies.

My excuse is the same one we all have - stuff came up!  I had to drive to base and get rank for AFG - and God knows a trip to base facilities is an all day process.  And one day I was just grumpy and angry at everyone.  I probably should have forced myself to workout that day. 

And I WILL workout tomorrow, even though I've got to get up at the butt crack of dawn to get AFG to a different base (they were sold out of the subdued rank he needs for this weekend at the first one I went to) and then get him to the airport.

And the reason I know I will work out is because of you all. 

And further more - I'd like to tell you all just how proud I am of all the SpouseBUZZ Fit Club participants - what a great group of people we have here all going through this together!  I don't think LAW has missed a week reporting in, even when she just reports in to tell us she's going to do better next week!    Reasa has been with us nearly every week, and her honesty is keeping ME honest!  ArmyReserveWife just started with us a few weeks ago and has been VERY much a cheerleader so far -- and trust me, we ALL need a cheerleader sometimes!  And aircrew fiancee has been reporting in, too - and reminding us to work just that much harder because it makes a difference.  Vypergirl has been in and out here lately, too, and let's all cheer wifeunit on, because she's just starting up with us!

And, of course, who can leave out Tootie?  She's training for a marathon, for goodness sake!

If you've been lurking around the fit club posts - please, join us and comment!  Let's talk about the good and the bad about trying to get in shape and get healthy while living the military lifestyle!

Really, this week I wanted to thank you all for being a part of this journey with me, and for keeping me from going too far off path.  You are all inspiring, you are all great partners to have, and you all definitely keep me on my toes!  I only hope that I'm able to help you along your fitness journeys, too! 

Now...  I feel a real urge to go dig up my workout play list and get jumping.  Care to join me?

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